Post-Election Cleanse Yoga Retreat

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Sorry, the retreat is full. Often times there is a little shift--someone can't make it last minute. Please fill out this form if you'd like to be on the wait list.

No matter how you tend to lean politically, this presidential election has almost surely left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

How about a Post-Election Cleanse Retreat?! 
December 2-4 Woodland, Utah. I wanted to do it earlier but my weekends are crazy busy until December. 

And as a gift from me to you, how about we do this at a significantly reduced price? I typically don't make a lot of money on these retreats but I'd love to give back a little bit and offer a fun weekend for us all to relax and get our yoga on to clean our souls a bit from this election. 

Imagine a weekend FREE of any political bumbling, debating, arguing, scandals, and shenanigans. Imagine an incredible weekend FULL of: 

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga!
1/2 priced massages
Amazing food
Great friends
Peace and quiet

I want to do this at my uncle's beautiful mountain home in Woodland, Utah. It's a really special place and perfectly suited for these kinds of retreats.

You'll be sleeping in a cozy eco-chic dorm-style bunk (two bunks to a room) or if you prefer, you can bring your sleeping back and kick it on a couch or the floor. First come, first served. There are 8 bunk spots

Normally, I'd charge about $300 for this retreat. I'd like to offer this special weekend for $195. I'm going to probably not break even on this but sometimes I feel like I just need to give back for all of your wonderful support. 

Here's the deal, though--there are only 10 spots available and you gotta sign up before November 15. Oh, and I'll give out a raffle for 1/2 price off for the Winter Retreat sometime early 2017.
And the end of our weekend together, you'll feel refreshed, enlivened, and ready to go back into your life and face whatever political situation with open-heartedness and peace.