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Yoga Nidra Training

Hi! My name is Scott Moore and believe that yoga and meditation are about truly understanding ourselves, our connection to others, and the universe. It’s about feeling alive, healthy, and finding joy in life.

Everyone is unique and needs to practice yoga and meditation in a way that is right for them. For some that means a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping alignment-based Vinyasa class. For others, that might mean a therapeutic, Restore yoga, or Yoga Nidra (deep guided meditation) class or online course. That’s why I love to teach both extremes of yoga because I feel my calling is to teach people, whatever they need.

I love words. Marrying words and yoga has been my passion for over a decade. This is why I keep a blog, write for several print and online journals and magazines, and often share stories, myths, and poetry in class. I write often to simply answer the question “So what, what does yoga have to do with my every-day life?” More than writing, I love to tell stories. I love to bring myths and tales into class and breathe life into the truths of those words with our bodies.

I also love music. I often serenade students in savasana with the low, dulcet sounds of my clarinet, mirroring the rhythm of long, calming breaths.  

I love life, I adore people, and I believe in YOU.

My specialties are making yoga and meditation approachable without dumbing it down, teaching intelligent and fun yoga classes, and teaching Yoga Nidra, a deep, illuminating, and relaxing form of guided meditation. 

I invite you to join me on a journey of full-spectrum wellness and radical self-exploration, whether that’s coming to a class, attending a yoga retreat in paradise, reading my blog, or taking one of my online courses. It’s an honor to walk these roads together.



Scott has the ability to nurture and empower at once, connecting you with your own heart to find that which you need the most. Whether that’s a deeper rest, a deeper pose, or a deeper connection with self and spirit, Scott is a humble loving guide.
— M. Fischer
One of the most inspiring things about Scott is his unwavering belief in the possibility of creativity and potential within each individual. His support helped me believe in my own ability to create and for that I am tremendously grateful.
Thank you so much Scott!
— K. Ovrom
Scott is a master yoga teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience and his insight and wisdom will take your yoga knowledge and skills to the next level and beyond. Scott is very detail oriented and will help you identify your strengths, set goals for improvement and create a step-by-step plan for improvement. I learned so much more about yoga philosophy, the subtlebody, mindfulness, how to create a successful class and more.
— B. Burnham
I genuinely admire the way you can calmly communicate to people in a way that cuts right to the spirit and body. You can get right to the meat of someone’s inner voice and articulate those things that we normally just experience in a confusing inner monologue. You’re also really good at bridging the west and the east, the everyday life that we all experience with the philosophy and spirituality of yoga mixed with poetry, anecdotes and insightful observation. You’re also a talented writer, able to express this stuff on the page.
— S. Johnson
Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
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Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
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