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Yoga Teachers Workshop: Sequencing and Assists

Let’s face it, there are only so many yoga poses and most every teacher teaches the same poses, often in the same way. But organizing your poses is like composing music: there are only so many notes and it’s how you place the notes and in what context that makes the difference between nails on the chalkboard vs. a breathtaking symphony. The difference between an average teacher and a master teacher isn’t the poses they choose, but the order, information, and purpose of the poses.

Come and learn how to organize what you already know into masterful teaching. In this teachers workshop, you’ll learn about the subtleties of skillfully crafting a flowing, intelligent, and purposeful class that helps your students get into a flow state, mentally and physically. You’ll learn how to artfully organize each poses, leading you to a specific peak experience as well as how to deliver your class as a presentation, in a way that resonates with your students and keeps them coming back for more.

Plus, teaching yoga is about connecting with your students. Hands-on assists and adjust is one of the best ways to connect to your students and one of the things that designates excellent from average teachers. Most students loooove a good adjust or assist, so let’s learn to do it safely, respectfully, and in a way that takes your students to the next level.

I’ve been teaching for almost 20 years plus I just spent 75 hours learning volumes about these subjects with world-renowned teachers and I’d love to offer you some of the richest jewels of what I’ve learned through training and experience. You’ll leave this training with knowledge and tools to be a more masterful teacher.

It’s already within you. You and your students deserve your very best teaching.

Space is limited.


Later Event: December 1
A Special Evening of Yoga Nidra