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Global Story Jam

I’d love want to host a storytelling event but this time with a twist. You can just listen or submit your name to share a story. I’m calling it a Global Story Jam. My vision is to have a global storytelling event where everyone who wants to can share a story based on the theme: Shocked. It’ll be a live, virtual storytelling experience and it’s going to be incredible.

What we’ll do is log on to zoom all across the world at the same time and everyone who wants to tell a story will submit their names to be selected randomly. I’ll announce names in real-time and that person can tell their stories. Everyone will get 5 minutes to tell a story. Again, you can just listen if you prefer. It’s going to be fun, touching, and connect us all globally!

Saturday, October 19th at 10 am to 12 pm MST (you can do the math for whichever time zone you live in). Register and pay and you’ll receive an email with the particulars as well as the link to join the meeting.