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20-hr. Yoga Nidra Immersion/Training

Whether you’re a yoga or meditation teacher, educator, parent, therapist, or healer, Yoga Nidra could be a powerful addition to your skill set. By the end of this 20-hr. immersion/training you will have deepened your deep relationship to Self and if you desire you’ll be ready to teach Yoga Nidra.

Join me either virtually through Zoom or in person in person at 21st Yoga in Salt Lake City, Utah (2165 East 2100 South).

You do not need any prior experience with yoga or meditation to attend this. Everyone will receive an audio/video recording of the entire training.

You’ll learn:

  • What is Yoga Nidra and why to practice it

  • Helpful, easy to follow Yoga Nidra scripts that you can use on day 1 which will also guide you to making your own scripts

  • How to lead a group in Yoga Nidra to:

    • Build energy

    • Support difficult emotions like anxiety and depression

    • Maximize creativity, performance, and learning

  • How to do powerful one-on-one Yoga Nidra sessions

  • Create powerful visualizations to program your unconscious and manifest your reality

  • Yoga Nidra philosophy, chants, and myths

You’ll also receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course.

If the timing doesn’t work, you’re always welcome to watch the materials at a time that works for you.