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6-Week Virtual Yoga Nidra Series

The Magic of Maya: Working Through Illusion

6 classes: January 20 –February 24

Sundays 9–10 am MST, 6 pm CET

Attend the class from the comfort of your own home by using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone

Want to attend but might miss a class? No worries! Each class will be recorded and archived in a library so you can listen and watch whenever it works for you.

We will use these 6 classes to explore the topic of The Magic of Maya: Working Through Illusion. The Sanskrit term for illusion is Maya. Maya Koshas are the illusory bodies we falsely identify with such as body, energy, thoughts, beliefs, and contentment. We'll look at all the ways we identify in our egoic state with these Maya Kosha and how to actually leverage these egoic bodies asmechanisms to uncover our non-egoic True Self.