Yoga Nidra for the Chakras for Zimmerman Jones Booher Lawyers

What's Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a deep form of self-discovery, like meditation, where you experience your utmost nature of being. It's a very relaxing way of attuning your awareness to all things. You can practice Yoga Nidra anywhere while doing anything, however we will practice by lying down and listening to me  guide you through the experience via audio recording that you can stream or download onto your computer of phone.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that has helped many people (including Ghandi) to do everything from becoming high-performing athletes,  learn languages, heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma,  attain enlightenment. It is a highly effective method of Sourcing Your True Power, untold power within you. One result of practicing Yoga Nidra is that it can help you understand what YOUR gifts are in this world and how to share them. Yoga Nidra is experiencing the TRUEST form of YOURSELF. Most poignantly, Yoga Nidra is about connecting to Source and therefore your ultimate power.

Like I said, this practice is about connecting you to your source. When you have such a connection, you can do anything. Through practicing Yoga Nidra, you will:

  • Recognize and SOURCE YOUR POWER to accomplish anything you desire. 
  • Recognize and eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Experience profound relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Heal from physical, emotional, or mental trauma
  • Grow spiritually as you understand yourself and your place in the Universe
  • Understand your innate gifts for this world and how to share them with the world
  • Connect with and become conscious of your deep inner-wisdom
  • Become mentally sharper and more focused
  • Become more tolerant and compassionate for those around you
  • Become more tolerated by those around you!
  • Become a better family member, better at your job, and better community member
  • and much more . . . 

This practice is designed to help us become more aware by experiencing and listening to our chakras.

What are the Chakras?

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The work Chakra means spinning  disk or wheel.  Myriad energy practice traditions throughout the world point to subtle body systems of energy. In yoga, the chakra system is made up of 7 primary chakra points. These seven points are aligned vertically along the spine. To be more specific, the two main energy channels of masculine/feminine energy, or yin/yang, begin at the base of the spine in the sacrum and cross in a serpentine or double-helix fashion along points of the spine to the top of the skull or above the skull. Each place that these two channels intersect cause an energetic convergence creating a chakra. Think of these points like a spinning top. Each chakra moves with a different frequency which associates with color, sound, organ function as well as other physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Likewise, each chakra might be assigned a mantra or visualization that helps a person to be more aware of that part of their being. It is said that a true yogi is someone whose energy is constant and fluid like a steady stream of a river and free from disruption, excessive flow, or stagnation. Disturbances in the subtle body system (blocks or energy bleed out) can be caused by things like stress, injury, trauma, illness, blocked emotions, etc. Essentially, in the body/mind/spirit model, anything that happens to one part of your being can effect all other parts. Therefore, understanding and becoming aware of your chakras not only helps you understand yourself on a deeper level, but for those who connect to energy readily, can also be a very effective tool for vitality practice and healing. Chakra practice is also a wonderful way of practicing Awareness. 

This Yoga Nidra practice is designed to help you become more aware by feeling your chakras and practice the associations, sounds, colors, mantras, and visualization associated with each chakra. This practice is also designed to help you become very relaxed. 


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