Jason Durtschi LCSW (202)  695 6958

Tree of Life Counseling and Coaching

I have had the privilege of working in partnership with clients around the world as a therapist and life coach in working toward long and short-term life intentions. These goals can include working through addictions, relationship effectiveness, self-compassion training, anxiety/stress and mood management, and ultimately skill-development on how to live more full and vibrant lives. I work with my clients in developing more compassion for self and others in bringing about lasting positive change. The adage “seeing is freeing” applies here. Psychologist Carl Rodgers, said, “the curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.” Resistance and avoidance are common barriers to positive change and growth. I guide my clients toward becoming aware of, acknowledging, and befriending these barriers, so as to transcend them. As a pragmatic and holistically-oriented therapist, I also coach my clients in making achievable lifestyle changes which will encourage self-transformation.

The Future is Now

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