Virtual Dream and Write Workshop

With Nan Seymour and Scott Moore

Open yourself to the generative creativity within you through mindfulness, poetry, and a free-flowing pen.


This workshop will be held live and online, from the comfort of your own home. 

Dream and Write
Dream and Write

Dream and Write is born from two practices: Yoga Nidra, a relaxing Awareness practice that feels like guided meditation, and River Writing, a writing practice of inviting words to flow, unobstructed from a river of inner-narrative. Paired together, this practice creates a unique mindfulness writing experience that taps profound Awareness for clarity and flow of writing. 

Over the past two years, Nan and Scott have offered several Dream and Write workshop, classes, and retreats. The intention of Dream and Write is to use mindfulness, poetry, and gentle encouragement to source the words that are within you in. We insist on a judgement-free, non-editing, and mutually supportive environment.


Meet the facilitators

Scott Moore

My name is Scott Moore and I'm passionate about helping you feel alive, grounded, and purposeful through the art and practice of yoga and meditation.

I've spent the past 15 years studying, practicing, and teaching yoga and meditation and I believe that everyone has an extraordinary life to live a unique pathway to wellness.

I'm passionate about Yoga Nidra, a relaxing form of Self-Inquiry. In Dream and Write I will guide you through this relaxing practice for you to tap your unbound Awareness, the key to unlocking the words that are within you. 

I live in Brooklyn, New York and I have taught yoga and mindfulness in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Idaho, Hawaii, and Wyoming. I teach classes, courses, workshops, and retreats in New York, and around the world. I also write for Mantra Magazine, Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Shut Up & Yoga, and my own blog.


Nan Seymour

Over the last five years, I have facilitated writing and storytelling workshops for dozens of groups, including cancer survivors, high school students and homeless writers. I offer an ongoing schedule of writing courses here at my River Writing studio in Salt Lake City.

I'm currently co-authoring a memoir with my 22 year-old daughter Beatrice: the story of parenting a transgender girl who survived to become herself through the perils of a misgendered adolescence. As a mother and an unabashed ally, I know that true stories can save us. 

I spent many of my grown-up years as a miller and baker of whole-grain bread. I learned something about process by milling the wheat. I acquired some patience while waiting for the loaves to rise. As a child, I sometimes flew high over Salt Lake Valley in a hot-air balloon; I still reflect on that perspective.

Dream and Write

with Special Guest Anders Carlson Wee

Dream and Write

Anders is the author of The Low Passions (W.W. Norton, 2019) as well Dynamite.  He is a 2015 NEA Fellow and 2015 Bread Loaf Bakeless Camargo Fellow. His work has appeared in Narrative, New England Review, The Missouri Review, The Southern Review, Blackbird, Best New Poets, and The Best American Nonrequired Reading series. Winner of Ninth Letter’s Poetry Award and New Delta Review’s Editors’ Choice Prize, he holds an MFA in poetry from Vanderbilt University.

How it Works

Dream and Write

In Dream and Write, we first open to mindfulness with a Yoga Nidra practice (relaxing guided meditation). Then, we write to the raw experience of that Awareness. After a break, Nan sparks creativity and inspiration with a poem and invites a timed free-write. After, you may read your words to the group. There are no edits, critique, or praise, only a "Thank you." It's a beautiful, inspiring, and soul-expanding practice.


Dream and Write

This workshop will be held online via a learning and meeting platform. For this workshop you will need an internet connection, and a device such as laptop, desktop computer, or smart phone to join our session. Once you register, you will receive a link and simple instructions to join the session. Once you join, you'll see the other participants on the screen and everyone can see and hear everyone else 

Other items you'll need: a simple notebook, a free-flowing pen,  and comfortable spot to lie down with a  pillow, blanket. A yoga mat is helpful but not necessary.





Space is limited to 20 people. 



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