Ladies, before reading on, you might simply forward this onto your significant other . . .

Guys! Christmas is THIS week and you haven’t even THOUGHT about what you’re going to get your lady. I know, with the busyness of the holidays it’s easy to let time slip away. AND it’s hard to know what she’s going to absolutely love, right?

Well, here are 3 incredible gift ideas that she will love so profoundly that she’ll be rendered speechless.

You: Score!

And when she’s wiping away the tears of gratitude to have a guy who knows her SO well that he’d gift her something so SPOT ON, it will be our secret that you just came up with this idea a week before C-day.

Hint: Even if you’re not a “yoga guy,” man up and become one (even for a day), join her at one of these yoga events because giving a gift of yoga event is awesome, but GOING WITH HER, well that takes you from the minors to the the major leagues, my friend.


#1 Yoga Adventure in SPAIN, June 12-19 2016!

This one’s the “El Grande” gift—a week in southern span at an incredible yoga paradise doing yoga with Scott Moore and Kim Dastrup, 7 days of Yoga, phenomenal food, luxurious accommodations, meditation grottos, salt-water swimming pools, and . . .SPAIN!

Dates: June 12-19 2016

Price: $1750 includes everything but airfare

If funds are tight, don’t worry! All you have to do now is make a $500 deposit. Pay the rest before April 1. We only have about 6 spots left so make your deposit today.

#2 Special Couples Retreat at Snowbird February 13 or 14

This one’s the “L’amour” gift—a day-retreat with your woman at the beautiful Snowbird Cliff lodge. I’m co-hosting this event with my wife, Seneca. This will be a romantic day of connecting with your favorite person through fun partner yoga, grounding meditation, partner massage, discussion and practice about communication, and feeling deeply connected to each other. Then you get to go luxuriate in the Cliff Spa, sit in the roof-top hot tub, sit in the eucalyptus steam room, sit in the solarium. Entrance into the Cliff Spa is included in the tuition.

Dates: Feb 13 or 14 (you could stay up there, ski one day and attend this workshop the other, just sayin’).

Price: $250/couple

Space is limited.

#3 Meditation and Mindfulness Day retreat at Snowbird. January 16 or 17

Let’s call this one the “If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy” gift. Send her away for a mindfulness and gentle movement retreat all on her own. I’m teaming up with my dear friend Vicki Overfelt of Mindfulness Utah for this amazing retreat. It will be a day of meditation, gentle movement, poetry, and quietness. Our focus will be to develop deep compassion for others. Mama will come home feeling relaxed and with a wonderfully open heart, willing to put up with the likes of you for the foreseeable future. Perfect! This also includes entrance into the world-class Cliff Spa so don’t expect her home right away.

Dates: Jan 16 17 (you could man up and come with her, or you could ski while she’s spending the day learning how to tolerate you).

Price: $125 includes Spa Access

Space is limited.