Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

an online meditation and yoga course designed to help you to dive deep into your heart to discover and develop your purpose and courageously share it with the world.


February 12–March 25, 2018. Registration Closes February 12.


Your heart's gift is that thing you were put on Earth to share and by so doing you make it a better, more-evolved, and more beautiful place. Your heart’s gift is that thing that only you can offer the world, or at least in the way that only you can offer it. Your heart’s gift can be public or private, subtle or grandiose but it is what you were meant to share with the world.

Your heart’s gift comes from a place which is deeper than your intellect. To know your heart’s gift requires a deep and regular turning inward to the knowledge of your heart. Plus, it take concentrated meditation and serious work to give it to the world. But when you abandon yourself to the work of offering your heat’s gift to the world, you’ll be amazed at what starts to align and proliferate in your life.

Can you imagine a world where everyone shared their heart’s gift? 

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

Here’s the thing about your heart’s gift to the world: it’s just that, a gift. You don’t give a gift expecting to be repaid. Sometimes you are repaid; sometimes your heart’s gift turns into your job. You might even find yourself on Oprah, who knows?

But first and foremost, your gift is something that you offer because it makes you whole simply to give it.

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

Humans don’t mind hard work. In fact, we love it and even yearn for it, so long as it is work that causes us to grow and work where we can see it benefit the world. Good work tests us and shows us parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. Offering your heart’s gift to the world in the form of work therefore gives us purpose and happiness.

The Universe has a Plan For You

Your heart’s gift is a gift from the Universe. It’s the blueprint of your divine purpose, the details of which which are embedded within the infinite depths of your heart, in a place which is rooted far beyond your intellect.

It’s your life’s deepest work to discover, unlock, and share your heart’s gift with the world. And to know it requires a deep and regular turning inward, to learn to know your heart through regular practices like yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation, and particularly Yoga Nidra, are perfect mediums to help you reveal your heart’s gift because they simply reveal what already exists inside of you. These practices help you to come to know your True Self, and when you are aligned with this infinite part of you, the part that is tapped into your Universal blueprint, your purpose, your gift becomes clear to your conscious mind and so does the invitation to share it with the world.

Yoga Nidra

As you begin to tap into your heart through meditation and yoga, you begin to hear it whisper its purpose. That message becomes clearer and clearer the more you listen. But it takes time and dedicated work to arrive. Likewise it takes work and inspiration to learn how to give this gift to the world. But when abandon yourself to the work of discovering and offering your heart’s gift to the world, you’ll be amazed at what starts to align and proliferate in your life.


In part, this alignment happens because you’ve suddenly started swimming in tandem with the current of your life’s purpose, rather than against it. That’s not to say there won’t be obstacles in the way. It simply means that when obstacles do arrive, you’ll know that they are the ones that were meant for you and that will give you the courage and insight to surmount them.

There are at least two big reasons to discover and share your heart’s gift for this world.

First, ultimate personal fulfillment, When you are lying on your deathbed and surveying the ways in which you spent your time and energy, you will feel immensely fulfilled if you’ve spent a lifetime of sharing your heart’s gift to the world. I guarantee you that you won’t care about the number of cars in your driveway, or the number of digits in your bank account. You’ll have one question: did I fulfill my purpose? Knowing your heart’s gift for the world and organizing your energy to bravely fulfill that purpose is the most important thing you can do for a fulfilled life.

Secondly, you need to discover and share your heart’s gift for the world because the world desperately needs what you’ve got to give it. This Universe is the composite of all of its individual members. Imagine if there were never a Van Gogh, Prince, or Mother Theresa. These people knew and realized their gifts for the world. Just as tragic as it would be to not have had these people fulfill their gifts in the world, it would be a true loss if YOU never fulfilled your purpose. The Earth, becomes a more realized, enlightened, and beautiful place when YOU understand and fulfill your purpose in it. And while you may or may not ever be celebrated as much as Van Gogh, there is only one you with your certain view of the world and gifts for the world. There will never be another person nor has there ever been such as you. Please discover your purpose and share it with all of us. The world needs you.

To understand and share your heart’s gift for the world is the perfect yin/yang gift: you are supremely fulfilled by offering your heart’s gift and the world responds with, “Hell, yeah!” It’s therefore a gift to both you and to the world.


Discovering and sharing your heart’s gift for the world doesn’t come free of fear. In fact, fear can be one of the metrics that shows you that you’re on the right track to discovering and sharing your heart’s gift. If naming and imagining sharing your gift scares the hell out of you, or even just makes you a little nervous, it’s a good indicator that you might be tapped into that thing that will cause you to rise to your higher potential. It’s scary because the part of you that is used to mitigating your true magnificence, the part that prefers to play small because it’s safe, quiet, and comfortable, doesn’t get to drive anymore—the stakes are too high.


Elizabeth Gilbert the Author of Eat Pray Love, which spent 199 weeks on the NYT Best Sellers List, wrote a letter to fear in which she said:

Letter To Fear Liz Gilbert.jpg
Teaching Yoga

I have several gifts. I can play the sax and clarinet, I can write, I make a mean espresso. But I believe that my heart’s gift, the gift that stands alone as to how I’m truly offering something to this world, and probably the one that causes me most fear, is what I believe to be my gift of connecting to you by teaching yoga and meditation to help you source and share your heart’s gift for the world so we all can make the world a better place.


What’s your heart’s gift for the world?

Do you write? Do you paint? Do you teach? Maybe you raise children, practice law, or heal? It could be anything, grandiose or quiet, public or private. But to know your heart’s gift is a special thing both for you and the world.

But like I said knowing and sharing your heart’s gift doesn’t come for free. It requires an intimate connection to your heart which you must woo and know like a lover. It requires a dedicated work that takes you deeply inward with practices like yoga and meditation.

My practice over the last decade has shown me that Yoga Nidra (this particular style of guided meditation) is a uniquely powerful avenue into the deep wisdom of the heart. I’ve learned more about myself and the Universe through Yoga Nidra than any other practice. It has helped me to know and share my gifts with the world.


I believe that discovering and sharing your heart’s gift with the world is the most important thing any of us can do in this lifetime.

Scott Moore

That’s why I’m inviting you to join my new course, Sourcing Your Heart’s Gift, an online Yoga Nidra, personal optimization, meditation, and yoga course designed to help you to be your best self as you discover and develop your heart’s gift and then bravely share it with the world.

For six weeks we’ll be on a courageous journey together of going inward, self-discovery, and powerful action.

If you already know your heart’s gift this will course help you to refine and clarify that gift and give you some powerful tools to share it with the world; you’ll create a new relationship with your heart.

This course will be a wonderful compliment to my other series and courses I’ve offered. Like my other courses, you’ll get lifetime access to the materials, you’ll be able to accomplish the curriculum on your timeline, and like only a few of my other courses, there will be an opportunity to meet weekly online for a live discussion, Yoga Nidra session, and Q&A.

Each of my courses is more and more refined in its offerings. Sourcing Your Heart’s Gift is my greatest course to date with the most important information, the deepest mediations, and richest resource of supporting materials.


This course includes:

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift
  • A short but powerful daily routine that will help supercharge your day as you access your most optimized and extraordinary self.
  • A soulful daily meditation that grounds you and taps you into your heart to discover or remember your heart’s gift to the world so you move through your life with that forward in your mind.
  • Profound and enlightening Yoga Nidra practices designed to deeply source your wise heart to learn your divine blueprint and discover and share your heart’s gift for the world. These practices will access the divine within you to speak directly from your heart to your mind in a way that no other practice can.
  • Yoga videos and breathing practices to incorporate body, mind, and spirit into the process.
  • Weekly live discussions, Yoga Nidra, and Q&A session to connect and learn from each other and process our journey (recorded to watch later if you need to).
  • Powerful journaling exercises and homework designed to hear your own inner wisdom speak onto the page.

  • Calls to action that invite and encourage you to manifest and share your gifts with the world with solid follow up.

  • Learning to looking fear straight in the eyes leverage that energy into positive motion forward instead of backward.
  • Helpful and inspiring videos and instructions. 
  • Regular positive affirmations, ideas, and encouragements.
  • Inspiring and helpful additional resources like articles, podcasts, recordings, videos, etc.

Lifetime Access

You'll get lifetime access to the content to repeat it as often as you like, even the live weekly discussion, Yoga Nidra, and Q&A recording.

Sourcing Your heart's Gift

You’ll leave this course feeling courageous, connected to your heart and it’s unique gift, and with confidence and vision about how to share it with the world. This course will be a catalyst to open your limitless reserves of energy to make your biggest impact on this earth.

I believe that discovering and then sharing your heart’s gift with the world is the most important thing you can do in this lifetime.Truly, this course is a gift to your heart and a gift to the world. The world is waiting so join me, already!

How This works:

Once you register, you will receive an email with some information about accessing the course materials as well as some soulful homework to connect to your heart. Then starting Monday, February 12th, and every Monday for six weeks, you'll receive an email with the content for that week's module and the link to join the live session the following Sunday at 11 am Eastern.

The weekly email will include :

  • A simple beginning of the day routine, including a breathing exercise, short meditation, and methods for getting into a peak state.
  • A thought-provoking and informative video or text about the details of the week's theme to the module
  • A 25-30 minute Yoga Nidra practice to do during the week, specifically engineered for that module, which will lead you week by week deeper into the knowledge of your heart.
  • A journaling exercise to promote an inner conversation with your heart.
  • Several supplementary items like affirmations, quotes, links to videos, podcasts, articles, blogs, etc. 
  • The link to the live online session the following Sunday. 

Live Session

Each module will be bookended with an email on Monday and the live session on Sunday. I'll be recording each of these live sessions so if you can't make a session you can always go back and look at it later. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to all the materials so you can go back and review all the modules many times. 

The last time I did an online Yoga Nidra course, Sourcing Your True Power, the one thing I felt was lacking was the opportunity to meet live to connect with each other and ask questions in real time. That's why I've scheduled live sessions for this course however, like I said, if you can't make the live session, you may always reveiw it later. 

Do it at your own pace!

Since all of the materials will exist online and you can access them whenever you wish, you can choose to either go with the pace of the course as the content is released week by week, or simply do the course materials when it works for you. The is a value to going sequentially through the modules but once you've done a module, you can always go back and review or skip around. 



1. Uncover or Rediscover the Mystery of Your Heart: Walking your Dharma

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will begin the process of discovering or rediscovering the terrain of your heart. We will lay the foundation for personal optimization with the introduction of simple but powerful daily breathing and mindfulness exercises. We will discuss and experience ourselves as the universal origin of all things or Source and feel that kernel of Source which resides in our hearts. How does your heart answer these questions: What is your life’s path, how do you begin to find it, and what does it look like to follow it? We also will explore the notion of Dharma, or your life’s pathway.

2. Sourcing your Heart to Truly Know Thyself

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will follow the yoga process of self-discovery as outlined by the Yoga Sutras. How does the heat of transformation lead us to self-knowledge and ultimately letting go of control over the process? What does it mean to be at one with all things and how does that help us to know ourselves and our heart’s gift for the world? We will model our self-inquiry after Socrates and his journey to seek wisdom and ultimately “know thyself.” In this module we will seek out the wise, prophetic Oracle that lives in our hearts.

3. Breathing Life into Your Gift


In this module we will practice using our prana (life-force energy) to move into the realm of the extraordinary. We will breathe onto embers of our hearts with  “Heart’s Breath” to stoke our heart’s boldness. We will also explore what it means to live forward with your heart’s gift for the world with some wild visualizations coupled with practical planning about sharing our heart’s gift to the world. What do you do when you find yourself in a rut, and how can your favorite childhood book help you remember your purpose? As you learn to go with the flow, you’ll begin to notice everyday how life seems to be going your way and supporting you as you share your heart’s gift with the world.

4. Braveheart: Sourcing and Leveraging Fear to Blast Forward

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will examine fear as a driving force for good, one that will move us forward along our path instead of causing us to retreat. We will reexamine the notion of fear and understand it’s true message as one of attention and action rather than retreat and hide. We will see fear for what it is, a messenger and an invitation to experience our True Self. When grounded in our identity as Source, fear becomes almost fun. In this module we will be inspired in the face of fear and walk away with empowering and simply tools to harness and leverage our fear to go out and kick ass!

5. Ultimate Success

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

What does it mean to succeed? Success isn’t about the financial or social status. It’s about the satisfaction of sharing your heart’s gift with the world. In this module we will begin to set up the metrics for success which you will be able to track everyday to recognize success every day. You’ll create your own success with small mile markers which turn into vast journeys. You’ll notice how every day you are moving through life grounded in the satisfaction of real and lasting success. Your confidence will rise and you will glow with success each day, a quality that will be contagious to those around you.

6. Time to Jump: Sharing Your Gift with the World, Stay the Course, and Unimaginable Possibilities

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

Now that we are familiar with our heart’s gift for the world, know how to laugh in the face of fear, and understand what success looks and feels like, we will do some exciting visualizations, some practical journaling, and some powerful action to share our heart’s gift with the world. This will be an exciting moment!


If you've done any of my other courses, you're going to love this. If you are new to yoga or Yoga Nidra or meditation, this course will be perfect for you. 

Only $79


I offer a no questions, money-back guarantee if you don't love it. I stand by my work. I insist on quality. If for any reason at all you don't love this thing, if you feel it wasn't worth the time or money, then I'll gladly refund your money sans questions. There's nothing to lose.



Registration closes February 12, 2018

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