“Finding Soul”

A night of heart-felt storytelling.

Sunday, March 31st 6–8:30 pm


A Speakeasy is an event where you are invited to sit and listen to someone speak but in a relaxed and comfortable environment, maybe with a glass of wine and some dessert. We'll meet at a beautiful, cozy home in the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. I'll send you the address when you register.

At this Speakeasy I'll be offering some of my stories, all related to the theme of "Finding Soul."

Grab a friend, bring something to drink and some food or a dessert to share. Together, we'll laugh, cry, and share some heart (and cheesecake) as I recount some of my favorite stories, everything from why heavy metal matters to the time I died and came back to life.


Register $25

Register by filling out the form then proceed to make your payment. You’ll receive an email with the details about address and the like.

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