Special Evening of Yoga Nidra

Waking to Reality

Saturday December 1st, 6:00–8:30 pm

Yoga Nidra

Since the dawn of consciousness humankind has been attempting to understand what it means to be. We have sought understanding and expression of our humanity by myriad avenues including art, science, and religion.

Reality is a tricky idea. It’s tricky because we all think we have a firm grasp on reality however everyone’s “reality” is merely a translation of the vast and constant information we are experiencing every moment of every day. What we think is “real” is often just the firing of receptors in our brain. Often we filter the information coming at us through a set of cached presuppositions such that we aren’t really seeing things for what they are but what our brain expects them to see. Reality therefore is often what we want it to be rather than anything objective.

Perhaps the best way to explore reality is allowing yourself to open your consciousness into true Vidya, the Sanskrit word for true seeing. Yoga Nidra is a way of experiencing Vidya through a felt sense of identifying as Awareness, a sense of being at one with all things. When we experience ourselves as Awareness itself, we experience a truer reality, things as they are without the assessment of what we think they aught to be. This gives us profound freedom from things like emotions, thoughts, etc. which would otherwise feel as if they are controlling our world as we begin to see them for what they truly are, a beautiful and textured opportunity to experience ourselves as Awareness.

This isn’t an intellectual exercise. It’s a practice and an experience.

I invite you to explore your own True Nature by experiencing a felt sense of Awareness through a special evening of Yoga Nidra. It’s easy but profound. Beginners and experts alike are welcome to join this special evening. This will be held at a beautiful residence nestled into the granite majesty of the Wasatch mountains, just a half mile up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

At this special event, we will have a discussion/lecture about the nature reality and how Yoga Nidra helps us to wake into a truer reality. We will move and change our bodies through gentle yoga poses to become receptive to our deeper and True Nature. Then, we’ll experience some specialized breathing techniques to harmonize our energy. Finally we will enter into a profound and relaxing Yoga Nidra practice which is specific to this concept of the Trinity and which will take you into deeper relaxation as the portal into understanding some of the mysteries of the cosmos.

This evening of Yoga Nidra will be deeper and more specialized than a class at the studio.

After we will have a Q&A.

Yoga Nidra

You will receive an audio recording copy of the lecture, the movement and breathing practice, as well as the Yoga Nidra recording itself to continue plumbing the depths of your True Nature and expand your experience of your felt sense of Awareness.

Space is very limited. Virtual access available via Zoom if you don’t live in Salt Lake City. If you opt for virtual access you will also receive the recordings.

Saturday, Dec. 1 6:00–8:30 pm

Beginners and experts welcome.

You’ll leave feeling relaxed, nourished, and with a grander vision of your life and your True Nature.



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