Thank you!

for registering for the Fall Yoga Retreat at Wolf Creek Outpost, October 2-4

This will be a marvelous retreat away from the rigamaroles of daily life. The intention for this retreat is to give ourselves a few days where we can restore ourselves to wholeness with movement, meditation, good food, great friends, and incredible inner and outer landscapes.

Here are some details to help you know what to expect.

When: Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 4th.

We'll start our first practice around 6:00 pm on Friday and end about 12 pm on Sunday.

Where: Wolf Creek Outpost

7777E. Highway 35 Woodland, UT

(Click the address above for a map)

Below you'll find instructions on how to get there. As you come, remember to let the city slip away from you. Allow the relative solitude of the ranch to provide solace and wipe your slate clean, ready for a great few days of this retreat.

Arrive between 5-6 pm. I'd like to start a yoga practice at 6. Count on about 1 hour drive time from SLC. We'll be wrapping up around 12 pm on Sunday. If possible be there to practice with us at 6. I know that this may be difficult for those who can't leave work early. Don't stress about it.

I suggest beginning now to formulate an intention for coming. What is the big thing that is going on in your life and how could a few days doing yoga, meditation, and spending time in wilderness bring clarity to, celebrate, or offer therapy for that big thing? If you get totally stuck with this, email me and maybe I can lead you in the right direction.

One night we will be sitting around the campfire. Please bring something to share, a story, joke, song, talent, etc. This is really fun. Don't stress about it.

The first night, we'll be sharing a potluck dinner. Bring a dish to share with everybody. I think food is a really fascinating part of living. Bring something that means something to you. 'This is the dish that my mother made the day I broke my leg when I was 8. . . ' or something. It doesn't have to be complicated.

As far as food, most of the things will be organic and vegetarian but I'm not too strict with this. If you have any particular food needs, like you can only eat food that is organic, whole grain, and begins with the letter G, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate. I'll do the shopping for the retreat so the sooner you tell me the better. If there is something really particular you need or want to eat, just bring it up yourself. There'll be plenty of space to store it. People often ask if they can bring alcohol. Sure, if you'd like to. I know some people won't be drinking. Whatever you choose to do, let's try to remember that this is an opportunity to tune into our deeper selves. And whether that's alcohol or anything else, let's not allow that to inhibit our greater clarity.

I've set up the retreat to have a great balance between personal and social time, practice, and free time. Bring a journal to write down your insights. We will have the pleasure of having a really great massage therapist up there. You may consider getting a massage so bring some cash. Also, I imagine that the therapist will be pretty busy so you may want to come up early on Friday and get an early massage. Let me know and I can help arrange. Otherwise, there will be a sign-up sheet next to our itinerary for you to sign up for a massage. Price for a massage will be set by the massage therapist.

Horse Ride. I'm really excited about this! We will have horses up there for everyone who is planning on riding. If you are not planning of riding please let me know so I can plan for the correct number of horses. We will go on a nice long ride through the forest. Our guides will be great and will help you out, even if you are new to riding. Plan on tipping your guide. My sources say that a typical tip for guides is $50.

As you are at the retreat, know that all events are optional. If you inner-guru says that you aught to bail from a yoga practice to write in your journal, go ahead. It's your time.

It will be cold in the evening so bring some warm clothes and an extra warm blanket. It may get cool in the evenings and sometimes it's nice to just wrap up.

Things to bring:

yoga mat, (props, eyebag, etc. if you want them)
warm clothes including hat and gloves

yoga clothes,
hat for the sun, sunscreen (high altitude burns skin)
pot luck meal (with recipe if you want to share)
talent or whatever to share 'round the fire
swimming suit or something to sweat in during the sweat lodge.


There will be a phone up there if you need it, and there is chance you might get cell reception, but if you can, consider leaving your cell phone in your car and leave the city behind. You can give your family the Ranch's number in case they need to get a hold of you 1-435-783-6366.

I'm excited about going deep into yoga, poetry, music, nature and friendship. I'm glad that you are coming to this retreat. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

It would be a great idea to carpool. If you would like to carpool or can take other people, please let me know and I can pass along the information.


I'll honor cancellations up to 48 hours in advance with a full refund. Any cancellations less that 48 hours will not be refunded. If you cancel in less than 48 hours, you may transfer your tuition to another person who wants to come.

If you have any questions, please email me:

I'm exited for this retreat! See you there!