Photo of Nikki Baker by David Newkirk

Photo of Nikki Baker by David Newkirk

6-Week Virtual Yoga Nidra Series

January 20 –February 24 Sundays 9–10 am MST, 5 pm CET


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The Magic of Maya: Working Through Illusion

with Scott Moore

Attend the class from the comfort of your own home by using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone

Want to attend but might miss a class? No worries! Each class will be recorded and archived in a library so you can listen and watch whenever it works for you.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a relaxing, guided meditation, where you lie down, close your eyes and listen as I guide you toward experiencing your utmost nature of Being. Yoga Nidra is the practice of experiencing yourself as Awareness. As you practice Yoga Nidra, your life will recalibrate toward a richer, deeper expression of you. The results of this course are truly life changing. Everyone can do Yoga Nidra!



We will use these 6 classes to explore the topic of The Magic of Maya: Working Through Illusion.

The most essential premise of Yoga Nidra is that your True Nature is whole and perfect, a being of limitless power, boundless equanimity, with a cosmic perspective that has no need for worry. Anything in contrast to that is an illusion. But rather than trying to transcend illusion, what if you could actually use it to discover and experience your True Self?

The Sanskrit term for illusion is Maya. Maya Koshas are the illusory bodies we falsely identify with such as body, energy, thoughts, beliefs, and contentment. We'll look at all the ways we identify in our egoic state with these Maya Kosha and how to actually leverage these egoic bodies as mechanisms to uncover our non-egoic True Self. 


Virtual Yoga Nidra

This Yoga Nidra experience will be hosted in the comfort of your own home via an online meeting place called Zoom. It will be a live, unique class that you will experience with other practitioners all over the country and world. 

You will receive a recording and transcription of each session so you can develop a Yoga Nidra teaching library and/or watch a session later if you have to miss a session.

In addition to access to the live classes you’ll also receive:

  • Audio/Video recording of each of the sessions

  • A transcript of each of the sessions

  • Access to dozens of other Yoga Nidra recordings

  • Helpful tips and links to videos, recordings, books, and articles to expand your Yoga Nidra education

  • Clarinet Lullaby, a high quality recording of me playing the clarinet set to ocean waves and a background drone for the purpose of deep relaxation and meditation.

Photo by Alex Adams

Photo by Alex Adams


Once upon a time about 9 years ago, a life I believed to be mine fell to pieces. I was somewhat shattered. About then, I met Scott Moore and tried Yoga Nidra for the first time. Through his gentle guided meditation, I was surprised to find that I could hold joy and pain at the same time. Without that meditation, I would have been left grasping only shards of glass. Yoga Nidra did not take pain away, but it did give me joy back. I’m still growing my ability to hold the paradox. When I practice Nidra with Scott, I get a glimpse of my larger self, a joy-bringer and pain-bearer capable of witnessing my sweet mess of a life without judging it. I like the way this gives my smaller self at least an hour off. (I’m also very much in favor of doing Yoga in this state of blissful repose.) It gets easier and easier to remember how small I’m not. I’m forever grateful to Scott for helping me touch the hem of my unlimited nature. Thankfully he’s now offering Yoga Nidra all the way from Brooklyn! I just registered for his affordable 6 week series. If this simple practice beckons you or you just miss the sound of Scott’s voice, you might try this. It’s the easiest and most potent form of mediation I know.
— N. S.

Just some of the benefits of this course:

  • Reduction or elimination of stress

  • Profound relaxation

  • Greater understanding of Yoga Nidra

  • A deeper, richer, and more present life

  • Spiritual growth and understanding

  • Greater presence in relationships, work, and the community

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Clear sense of purpose

  • Better sleep


Art by Alex Grey

Art by Alex Grey

Prior to the meeting, you will receive an email with the link to join the group. On the day of our session, you will simply click the button on the email and it will open up a window where you will see all the bright, shining faces of our group. You may use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to participate in the class. 

This series will contain six content-rich sessions. Each session will explore one of Yoga Nidra's primary elements called the Koshas. This course is perfect for both the expert and the beginner.

Class will last 60–75 minutes and will follow this format:

  • Welcome and short discussion

  • Gentle yoga and breathing practice

  • 25-30 minute Yoga Nidra Practice (recorded)

  • 10 minute Q&A

Each class will be recorded and archived so you can go back and review, review and practice, or catch the session if you have to miss a week. You can keep the recordings as part of your Yoga Nidra library. 

Photo by Alex Adams

Photo by Alex Adams