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Yoga Retreat in Tuscany 2019
to Jun 29

Yoga Retreat in Tuscany 2019

Join Kim Dastrup and Scott Moore  for an unforgettable yoga retreat near Radicondoli, Italy, in the province of Siena.  Immerse yourself in the heart of Italian culture, body, mind, and spirit.

The retreat will be held at Villa Marion, a beautiful and tranquil villa in the heart of Tuscany.

Villa Marion is a ten minutes drive from the village of Radicondoli, a quaint authentic Tuscan village, and forty minutes from the famous town of Siena. For the wine and cheese lovers, Montalcino and Pienza are must see towns. If your appetite is more for thermal baths and spas, Bagno Vignoni offers many opportunities to heal and unwind. A must see is San Galgano Abbey, a mystical place famous for the ‘sword in the rock’. Visit this roofless abbey to take in the magic. Excursions to the Terranean Sea and pristine beaches can also be organized upon request.

You'll enjoy 2–3 yoga or  meditation classes daily, delicious meals, lounging by the pool, excursions, wine tasting, cooking classes and more. 

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The Business of Yoga Teachers Workshop
12:00 PM12:00

The Business of Yoga Teachers Workshop

I make a great living (5–12K/mo part-time) doing something that I totally love, that really helps people, keeps my body and mind fit and stress free.

In this fun, informative, and interactive workshop you’ll learn essential lessons on:

  • Instant money-making ideas for teaching yoga

  • How to teach a class you want at a time and studio you love

  • How to grow your numbers as a teacher

  • Privates

  • Corporate Gigs

  • Master classes, workshops, courses

  • Retreats

  • Setting up your business

  • Want to open a studio? Dos and Don’ts

Attend from anywhere in the world. Available to attend virtually via Zoom.

You can’t afford to miss this workshop. It will pay for itself exponentially and count for continuing education with Yoga Alliance. Space is limited.

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12:00 PM12:00

San Francisco Yoga Tour 2019

San Francisco Yoga Tour

I want to host you on a beautiful Fall tour of San Francisco's finest yoga teachers and studios, restaurants, and vineyards. This is going to be a tour to remember! I’ve done this tour 3 times already and it gets better every time.

This yoga tour will expose you to some truly exceptional yoga teachers to take your practice to a new level. We'll get to practice with some of SF's best, such as Janet Stone, Sean Haleen, Jason Crandell, Stephanie Snyder, and others. We’ll also go to the Integral Yoga Institute founded by Swami Satchidananda for a special Yoga Nidra practice.

Each day we'll go to a different morning, afternoon, and/or evening practice. After yoga, we’ll hit the town for some incredible dining and nightlife. During free time you’ll have plenty of opportunity to relax, shop the bohemian boutiques on Valencia Street, promenade through Golden Gate park, stroll Haight and Ashbury, sun yourself at China Beach, or read Howl at City Lights Bookstore. 

And if this weren’t enough, we’ll spend one fun-filled day tasting wine and basking in the glory of some of the country's finest vineyards.  

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Restore Yoga Workshop: Waking from The Dream
10:00 PM22:00

Restore Yoga Workshop: Waking from The Dream

Join me for a blissful afternoon of Restore Yoga, Yoga Nidra, live music, poetry, and storytelling.

We’ll use this afternoon to explore the theme of Waking from the Dream through gentle movement, energy work, storytelling, and meditation/visioning. This will be a gentle practice and will feel perfectly restorative for all levels of practitioners.


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Uinta Mountain Yoga Retreat at Wolf Creek Outpost
to Oct 7

Uinta Mountain Yoga Retreat at Wolf Creek Outpost

Woodland, Utah

Join me for a heart-opening weekend of yoga, meditation, nature, storytelling, laughing, and ceremony.  Set in the pristine wilderness of the Uinta Mountains in Woodland, Utah, this rustic but comfortable getaway is the perfect place to go deep into your soul. Come and see why this has been a favorite retreat location for hundreds of people and dozens of retreats.

You'll enjoy:

  • Comfortable lodging 
  • Delicious and healthy food
  • Blissful yoga and meditation (all levels)
  • Hiking in the breathtaking Uinta forrest
  • Sacred sweat lodge ceremony 
  • Stories around the campfire
  • Stars!
  • Friends and fun!

Limited to 15 people

  • $295 Shared Room Bunk (limited to 8)
  • $310 ea. Private room with shared queen bed (limited to 2 people who don't mind sleeping together)
  • $265 Pitch a tent or sleep in the tee pee (limited to 5)




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20-Hour Yoga Nidra Intensive
to Sep 30

20-Hour Yoga Nidra Intensive

The world desperately needs more Yoga Nidra and more qualified Yoga Nidra instructors. Practicing Yoga Nidra is easy but teaching it effectively can be complex. I’d love to share my knowledge of teaching Yoga Nidra with you. 

This 20-hour Yoga Nidra intensive is designed to deepen your knowledge of Self through Yoga Nidra as you learn to guide yourself and others through effective and varied Yoga Nidra practices. This intensive is perfect both for teachers or students who simply want to deepen their practice of Yoga Nidra.

This intensive will be available in person as well as virtually through an online meeting platform.

Upon completion of this immersion you’ll receive:

  • A deeper understanding of Self through Yoga Nidra
  • A weekend profound relaxation
  • A certificate of completion
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit (if needed)
  • A full audio recording of the training for practice and continued learning
  • Restore Yoga + Yoga Nidra Workshop Sunday, July 22 (2.5 hours)
  • Several Yoga Nidra scripts to use 
  • Yoga Immersion PDF workbook

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • Philosophy of Yoga Nidra
  • Myths and Chants
  • Yoga Nidra for Healing/Trauma/Stress
  • Yoga Nidra for Performance
  • The Power of Visualizations
  • Subtle Body Study and Practice
  • Koshas
  • Pranayama
  • Incorporating Yoga Nidra into Yoga
  • Mindfulness    
  • Effective Teaching Methods
  • Role as Teacher
  • Self Practice
  • Group Teaching
  • One-on-one Teaching

By the end of this immersion you will be ready to teach Yoga Nidra!

Limited to 20–25 people.


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Live Online Yoga Nidra Class
11:30 AM11:30

Live Online Yoga Nidra Class

I'm hosting a live, online class THIS Saturday, May 19, from 11:30 am—12:30 pm EST so you can join me from anywhere in the world. This is an opportunity to experience a live Yoga Nidra session with me as well as ask questions and participate in a discussion.

If you can't make the time, I'll be recording it so you can still register and do it later.

What's Yoga Nidra? 

Yoga Nidra is a deep and relaxing form of self-discovery that acts like a guided meditation. It's one of the best ways I know of attuning your awareness to all things and helping you grow in body, mind, and spirit. I've had some of the most profound and spiritual moment of my life practicing Yoga Nidra.

For example, just a few weeks ago, after teaching a Yoga Nidra session, I left the studio and was walking down the streets of Manhattan with my heart ready to burst. I had so much love and peace about me. I felt like I was larger than my body, that my eyes could see for miles, that no detail escaped me, and that I could feel into the heart of every person I passed and could see only beauty in everything. 

How do you do it?

It's easy. We will practice Yoga Nidra by lying down and listening to me  guide you through the experience. There's nothing you need to do. Anyone can do it.

You'll leave feeling like you've had a vivid and important dream about what matters most in your life. You'll feel relaxed and radiant with clarity.

The Yoga Nidra practice will last about 25–30 minutes and the rest will be a brief discussion and a Q&A. 

Yoga Nidra is great for:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Experiencing profound relaxation
  • Healing your heart
  • Sourcing you innate power
  • Recognizing and eliminating self-limiting beliefs
  • Healing from physical, emotional, or mental trauma
  • Growing spiritually as you understand yourself and your place in the Universe
  • Becoming mentally sharper and more focused
  • Becoming more tolerant and compassionate for those around you
  • Becoming more tolerated by those around you!
  • Becoming a better family member, better at your job, and better community member

Plus, like I said, I'll be recording it so you can watch the video again later or catch it at a time that works for you if you're busy this Saturday at 11:30 EST. 

It's really affordable, only $10.

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Sourcing Your Heart's Gift
to Jun 3

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

Your heart's gift is that thing you were put on Earth to share and by so doing you make it a better, more-evolved, and more beautiful place. Your heart’s gift is that thing that only you can offer the world, or at least in the way that only you can offer it. Your heart’s gift can be public or private, subtle or grandiose but it is what you were meant to share with the world.

Your heart’s gift comes from a place which is deeper than your intellect. To know your heart’s gift requires a deep and regular turning inward to the knowledge of your heart. Plus, it take concentrated meditation and serious work to give it to the world. But when you abandon yourself to the work of offering your heat’s gift to the world, you’ll be amazed at what starts to align and proliferate in your life.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join my new course, Sourcing Your Heart’s Gift, an online Yoga Nidra, personal optimization, meditation, and yoga course designed to help you to be your best self as you discover and develop your heart’s gift and then bravely share it with the world.

For six weeks we’ll be on a courageous journey together of going inward, self-discovery, and powerful action.

If you already know your heart’s gift this will course help you to refine and clarify that gift and give you some powerful tools to share it with the world; you’ll create a new relationship with your heart.

This course includes:

  • A short but powerful daily routine that will help supercharge your day as you access your most optimized and extraordinary self.
  • A short but soulful daily meditation that grounds you and taps you into your heart to discover or remember your heart’s gift to the world so you move through your life with that forward in your mind.
  • Profound and enlightening Yoga Nidra practices designed to deeply source your wise heart to learn your divine blueprint and discover and share your heart’s gift for the world. These practices will access the divine within you to speak directly from your heart to your mind in a way that no other practice can.
  • Yoga videos and breathing practices to incorporate body, mind, and spirit into the process.
  • Powerful journaling exercises and homework designed to hear your own inner wisdom speak onto the page.
  • Calls to action that invite and encourage you to manifest and share your gifts with the world with solid follow up.

  • Learning to looking fear straight in the eyes leverage that energy into positive motion forward instead of backward.
  • Helpful and inspiring videos and instructions
  • Regular positive affirmations, ideas, and encouragements.
  • Inspiring and helpful additional resources like articles, podcasts, recordings, videos, etc.
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Virtual Dream and Write
12:00 PM12:00

Virtual Dream and Write

With Nan Seymour and Scott Moore

Open yourself to the generative creativity within you through mindfulness, poetry, and a free-flowing pen.

12-3 pm ET, 11 am-2 pm CT, 10 am-1 pm MT, 9 am-12 pm PT

This workshop will be held live and online, from the comfort of your own home. 


Only 20 spots

How it Works

Dream and Write

In Dream and Write, we first Scott will open to mindfulness with a Yoga Nidra practice (relaxing guided meditation). Then, we write to the raw experience of that Awareness. After a break, Nan sparks creativity and inspiration with a poem and invites a timed free-write. After, you may read your words to the group. There are no edits, critique, or praise, only a "Thank you." It's a beautiful, inspiring, and soul-expanding practice.


This workshop will be held online via a learning and meeting platform. For this workshop you will need an internet connection, and a device such as laptop, desktop computer, or smart phone to join our session. Once you register, you will receive a link and simple instructions to join the session. Once you join, you'll see the other participants on the screen and everyone can see and hear everyone else. 

Other items you'll need: a simple notebook, a free-flowing pen,  and comfortable spot to lie down with a  pillow, blanket. A yoga mat is helpful but not necessary.

We will have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Anders Carlson-Wee as our live poet of this event. 

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Yoga Teachers Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

Yoga Teachers Workshop

Refine your teaching skills, learn how get paid what you're worth, and network with teachers all over the country

Would you like more great yoga teaching opportunities?

Want to quit your day job and teach yoga full-time?

Would you like to hear about a few of my fail-proof and simple techniques that will immediately improve your teaching?

Would you like to get paid to travel and teach yoga?
I’ve been teaching yoga for 17 years and I've figured out how to make a great living doing so. I've worked for dozens of studios, owned my own studios, and have built a thriving yoga business that is diverse, fun, and pays well. 

I’ve logged over 20,000 hours of just studio teaching time, let alone teaching workshops, retreats, corporate gigs, lectures, teacher trainings and so forth. I earn on average between 5-12K/mo teaching yoga. No joke. And I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

I want to share with you a few of the most valuable secrets I’ve learned over my many years of teaching like:

  • How to Get Hired at a Studio
  • Yoga Industry Secret #1: More Great Gigs Than There are Teachers to Teach Them
  • How to Leverage Your Top Strengths into Extraordinary Teaching
  • 3 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your Teaching

I'd like to invite you to a special Yoga Teachers Workshop where we will explore all these topics and much more.

And earn Continuing Education Credits from Yoga Alliance . . . 

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