Yoga Teachers Workshop:

Refine your teaching skills, learn how get paid what you're worth, and network with teachers all over the country

Saturday November 11th 2-4 pm ET, 1-3 pm CT, 12-2 pm MT, 11 am-1 pm PT

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

This workshop qualifies as continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance

Yoga Teachers Workshop
Yoga Teachers Workshop

Would you like more great yoga teaching opportunities?

Want to quit your day job and teach yoga full-time?

Would you like to hear about a few of my simple, fail-proof simple techniques that will immediately improve your teaching?

Would you like to get paid to travel and teach yoga?
I’ve been teaching yoga for 17 years and I've figured out how to make a great living doing so. I've worked for dozens of studios, owned my own studios, and have built a thriving yoga business that is diverse, fun, and pays well. 

It wasn't always like this. In the beginning, I was an average teacher, didn’t have a lot of teaching gigs, and was not making enough money to support myself and my family.

But I hung in there, and slowly, through trial and error,  I learned those essential tools I needed to help me be successful . Eventually, I had more great-paying teaching opportunities than I could handle and had to give most of them away to other teachers! 
17 years later, I’ve logged over 20,000 hours of just studio teaching time, let alone teaching workshops, retreats, corporate gigs, lectures, teacher trainings and so forth. I earn on average between 5-12K/mo teaching yoga. No joke. And I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.
How I wish I knew then what I know now about teaching and making a living as a teacher! Let me teach you in a few hours many of the crucial things that  took me years of hard work to learn. This workshop will put you miles ahead in your teaching and your career. 

I honestly believe that the world needs extraordinary yoga teachers. I believe the world needs you to be the best yoga teacher possible. I believe that you have gifts that will enable you to touch your students' lives in a way that no one else can.  I also strongly believe that as you offer the world your gifts, the world will feed you back energetically, spiritually, and financially.

And that's why I'm inviting you to join me for very special, 2-hour, online workshop, where we get to discuss the art and science of teaching excellent yoga and making a living doing so. You can't afford to miss this!

I want to share with you a few of the most valuable secrets I’ve learned over my many years of teaching like:

Yoga Teachers Workshop
  • How to Get Hired at a Studio
  • Yoga Industry Secret #1: More Great Gigs Than There are Teachers to Teach Them
  • How to Leverage Your Top Strengths into Extraordinary Teaching
  • 3 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your Teaching

I'd like this workshop to be an opportunity for you to get inspired about teaching yoga, to network with other teachers all over the world, and to voice your questions and share your experiences about your teaching. 

You’ll come away from this workshop with specific, actionable points that will immediately benefit your teaching and help you start to earn what you're worth. 

This workshop will be held live but online. 

This is massively valuable because you can do it from the comfort of your own home while being connected virtually with other teachers from around the country and the world. Plus, I'll be recording the audio and video so you can go back and review it over and over.

Once you register, I'll send you simple information about how to log in and get set up. 

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providoer

Again, this counts as continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance. 

When: Saturday, November 11th 2017

2-4pm Eastern, 1-3 Central, 12-2 Mountain, 11-1 Pacific

How much: only $45! 

There's a good chance you can write this off on your taxes. Don’t miss this. Space is limited.

Timing doesn't work?

If you want to attend but aren't available at the above time, I'll be recording the audio and video of this workshop. You can register and simply watch the workshop when it's convenient for you . Feel free to email me with any questions and comments after the workshop.

I think this will be an invaluable 2 hours of your time. I stand by my work. If you don't feel this workshop was absolutely worth your while, I'll completely refund your tuition. You've got nothing to lose. See you there!

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