Become and outstanding teacher, honing your own personal gifts as a teacher. Study with a personalized curriculum and one-on-one mentorship to become uncommonly effective in sharing the message of yoga to your students. Learn how to support yourself by making a career of doing what you love.

Salt Lake City Yoga Teacher

Price $1200

or make 3 payments of $450

Upon completion of this mentorship:

·  You will deepen your personal and sacred journey in the study of yoga.

·  You will master to the ability to teach in-depth information regarding the practice of yoga including, applied physiology, subtle body, meditation, mythology, history, assists and adjusts, etc, according to your interests as a teacher.

· You will understand and master your personal gifts as a teacher.

· You will be prepared to either build or further your career as a yoga teacher, including starting and building a business, marketing yourself and your business on the web and social media. 

· You will be prepared to effectively teach yoga in the form of lectures, presentations, private classes, public classes, corporate classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training.

· You will develop practical, real-life know-how about how to make your yoga business thrive in a way that supports you and doesn’t diminish your love for the practice.

· You will touch the lives of those you teach with your own personal style, grace, and precision in a way that mutually nourishes both yourself and your students.

· You will network with other skilled teachers for opportunities to expand your teaching opportunities with subbing classes as well as new teaching opportunities.

· You will understand the process of inserting yourself as a teaching into an existing studio and how to become a thriving member of that studio.


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60 hours toward a 300/500 RYT certification

Hours breakdown:

Weekly personal/call/Skype session (and call prep) 6 weeks

Class observation and analysis/evaluation

Receive interactive feedback developed to leverage your teaching gifts

Assist and adjust curriculum


This mentorship is designed to immensely advance your teaching practice with the personal instruction that you didn’t get your group setting of your basic training. With some real-life teaching experience, you’re now ready to move forward with personalized information about how to take your teaching to the next level. We will work together to refine your teaching and give you the experience you need to be uncommonly effective to meet your goals as a teacher. This personalized teaching is essential to refine your teaching practice and will be the difference between being an adequate teacher and an excellent teacher. This will involve homework and attending classes, receiving feedback and assisting in my classes or workshops. You will get a weekly check in where you will be required to fill out in advance a call-prep sheet and either in person or by phone or Skype, we will discuss your progress and make adjustments to your learning trajectory.


This mentorship will be a minimum of 6 weeks and must be completed no later than 12 weeks.

Working with Scott is engaging, inspiring and most of all fun! His mentorship provides a one on one experience that is a unique and powerful way to work and grow as a yoga instructor. He helped me refine my voice as a teacher, strengthen my connection with the practice of yoga, and realize a very specific very unique goal that I now plan to pursue as a business!
One of the most inspiring things about Scott is his unwavering belief in the possibility of creativity and potential within each individual. His support helped me believe in my own ability to create and for that I am tremendously grateful.
Thank you so much Scott!
— K.O.
Scott was my mentor as I wrapped up my 500 hour teacher training, and he is probably the most friendly yoga professional I’ve encountered. As part of my mentorship, he observed me teaching and gave feedback. He pointed out to me specific talents and skills I had to offer as a teacher. . .His words of encouragement reassured me that the type of teaching I do can reach a lot of people. This helped boost my confidence in my teaching abilities, and desire to increase my teaching.
— D.W.

Doing training with Scott Moore was a gift. When I began the program I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from such a balanced and articulate teacher and yogi.

With Scott as a teacher I was gently guided into a deeper understanding of myself on emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels without any stereotypical “yogic hype”.

With Scott as my mentor through my yoga journey, I have always felt an underlying sense of partnership.

When I loose sight of this or feel that the answers are out of my grasp, I approach Scott for answers and advice and he invariably shows me the way back to myself, to my intuition. He encourages me to trust yoga and the philosophy and the inherent truth that I am already enough. This is the ultimate gift anyone can give another. Scott’s gentle strength and guidance has been a light along the path to understanding myself.
— D.R.
The mentorship program was such a great experience! Not only is Scott incredibly knowledgeable about the practice, teaching and business of yoga, he is also a great friend, motivator and a life coach if you happen to need one. Scott provided so much valuable insight for me in the growing of my business. I’m so excited to continue applying what I’ve learned. I would highly recommend this mentorship to anyone interested in deepening their own personal practice, increasing their teaching abilities or to expand their business of yoga.
— C. E.