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How To Relieve Stress

 Sourcing Your True Power by being Stress Free

by Scott Moore

This is an entire learning module to help you use mindfulness and meditation to learn how to relieve stress . For the quick and easy version, simply download or stream the Stress Free Yoga Nidra practice, a guided meditation designed to relieve stress. But to go in depth, go through the entire learning module. This module is set up similarly to the way I organize my online courses and has a bunch of information from breathing exercises, yoga practices, discussions, etc. I hope it helps! Let me know how it goes. 

Stress Free Mindfulness and Meditation

I continue to appreciate your [Yoga Nidra] class recordings, and the stress-free yoga Nidra module. Just last night I was having anxiety that kept me from going to sleep; I listened to the module and fell asleep immediately. I woke refreshed, and ready to go to the pool.
— Lesley L.



How To Relieve Stress

You are more powerful than you can imagine, with much more control over how your life plays out than perhaps you realize.

Ancient wisdom teaches us that if we were to understand our True Self, we would see that we are no different than the things we are searching for (Gayatri Mantra). These teachings may be easy to understand but may take a lifetime to realize.

Stress is one of the ways we identify with something other than our True Self. Sourcing Your True Power means, in part, to experience your True Self--boundless equanimity and pure Awareness-- and understand the transient nature of things like stress.

Experiencing your True Self is to experience the part of you that is larger than stress, to see things like stress with a broad perspective while being grounded in your deepest Being. This ability to experience your True Self decimates the power that stress has over you and puts you in control of your life.


You'll find that as you regularly practice connecting with your True Self through practices like Yoga Nidra, stress won't come as often and when it does, it won't feel as intense. Plus, with the tools you'll learn in this module, you'll know how to immediately respond to feelings of stress so they don't spiral out of control. That's Sourcing Your True Power.

I know of no better method of managing stress than by practicing Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice, like yoga, but performed like a guided meditation, usually lying down with eyes closed, relaxed, but in a deep concentration.

The Practice of Yoga Nidra is a method of understanding your True Self which is profoundly effective, incredibly simple, and yet deeply relaxing. By practicing Yoga Nidra, you learn to Source Your True Power by experiencing the part of you that is larger than things such as stress. With this knowledge, you no longer identify with things like stress. You may feel stress once in a while but by practicing Yoga Nidra, you'll feel stress less often and less intensely. 

While Yoga Nidra is simple and relaxing to experience, understanding its method and teaching is very complicated. I've spent a decade mastering the teaching of Yoga Nidra by practice, study, and teaching. I've also had the privilege of studying with some of the worlds finest teachers in Yoga Nidra. 

I'm passionate about Yoga Nidra because for me it has been the single most influential practice to help me understand my Self, the Universe, and my place in the Universe. One of my missions on this earth is to share Yoga Nidra with YOU so that you too can experience its transformative power and live an extraordinary life.

I've had the privilege to teach Yoga Nidra to hundreds of people and have received dozens of stirring testimonials about the profound benefits my students have received through Yoga Nidra.

May you use this ancient tool found in this free learning module to quickly and effectively Source Your True Power by realizing your True Self and by eliminating stress in your life and through its practice may you discover that you can accomplish anything you desire, that you truly are the divine Universe itself. 

Yoga Nidra: Sourcing Your True Power

Yoga Nidra: Sourcing Your True Power

Stress Free Module

The following learning and practice module is a free set of tools designed to help you manage stress using mindfulness techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises, and Yoga Nidra.

Below you'll see a written outline about stress, an audio version of the discussion, a Yoga Nidra Recording (31 minutes long), yoga breathing techniques, and a brief yoga video with some poses to help reduce the effects that stress has on your body.

Use these tools whenever you wish to manage stress. You may stream the recordings from this page or download them to your computer or phone. You may choose to ignore the discussion and video and go directly to the Yoga Nidra recording. I highly recommend doing the breathing exercises when you feel stressed.

If you feel stress regularly and feel that it is compromising your quality of life, listen to the Yoga Nidra recording every day for a week or two, then a few times a week, and eventually whenever you feel you could benefit from it. Make a journal to record how you feel before and after listening to the recording as well as how often you feel stress in your life and whether or not it is decreased due to practicing Yoga Nidra. 

With regular practice, you will probably notice that your stress levels will greatly diminish. Even if you only feel stress once in a while, following the above protocol will benefit your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical being in profound ways. 

Please share this free Stress Free module with whomever you feel might benefit from it.



How to use this module:

Whenever you feel stressed, do the breathing exercises. If you can, also do the yoga video. Then listen to the Stress Free recording. Commit to practicing listening to the recordings regularly. You may also choose to listen to and read the discussion to understand a little more about Yoga Nidra and how mindfulness helps with stress.  As you practice these techniques, you'll begin to feel stress less and less and when you do, it will be less severe. Let me know what you think.

This module contains:

  • A Yoga Nidra Recording (31 minutes—stream or download)

  • Stress-Relieving Breathing Exercises (stream or download)

  • A Stress-Relieving Yoga Video

  • A Discussion Outline 

  • A Discussion Audio Recording (stream or download)

You may wish to start with the discussion (bottom of the page), read and/or listen to it, then move to the yoga video, breathing exercises, and finally the Yoga Nidra recording. If you're short on time or simply want to ignore the supportive materials, feel free to go directly to the Yoga Nidra recording.

Stress Free Yoga Nidra Practice (31 minutes--stream or download)

Breathing Exercises

  • Sighs
  • Ujjaiyi Breath
  • Belly Breath
  • Sama Vrti or Box Breathing

Discussion Audio (stream or download)


Discussion Outline

We all feel stress. It's normal. Why not have some productive tools to help manage it when it comes and help manage it before our stress gets out of control.

I feel I'm qualified to offer this Stress Free module because I have had serious bouts of stress, even anxiety and panic attacks, and have used techniques like yoga, breathing exercises, and Yoga Nidra to help not only remedy the stress in the moment, but to help me feel less stress generally in my life as well as less intensely when I do feel it. I have also worked closely with health care professionals to develop curriculum designed to help people debilitated by  stress and anxiety to cope and manage their stress using these mindfulness tools. 

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to manage stress. One of the reason it works so well is because it helps to interrupt the downward cycle of stress and panic responses. 

Much of our stress is the product of not being present--we project into the future or the past. With mindfulness practices like Yoga Nidra and yoga, we identify with our Observer Self rather than with momentary emotions like stress, even if they don't feel momentary at the time. With practice, we discover that we are much larger than our stress. With this Awareness, we aren't rocked so hard when stress does come. We remain present and don't project into the future or regress to the past causing us to spin into a downward spiral of stress. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is like a relaxing guided meditation that helps you discover a keen Awareness. You lie down, close your eyes and listen to my voice lead you into a deeper awareness by becoming aware of sensations, thoughts, emotions, etc.

In fact, Yoga Nidra helps you to experience yourself as Awareness itself and to see the changeable elements like stress in your life as fleeting events that may orbit toward  and away from you. Yoga Nidra allows you the perspective  to see things like stress as simply another way to practice Awareness. Consequently, stress won't take hold of you the way that it can when you identify with it, whether you do so consciously or unconsciously.

Yoga Nidra is so relaxing that you may fall asleep. If so, that's ok! The part of you I'm speaking to is a deep part of your consciousness and is still paying attention. It's sometimes nice to stay awake to remember in waking consciousness the experience of doing the practice, however it's still effective even if you fall asleep. Besides, if you're doing this for stress relief, what better way to practice being Stress Free than with a nap!

You have a 3-part mission while practicing Yoga Nidra: Welcome. Recognize. Witness. As you lie there and listen to the recording, simply greet everything that comes into your awareness, give it a name and see it for what it is, then practice not valuing it or having an opinion about it and simply witness.

Spontaneous things may happen, like you may become aware of the presence of physical sensations, emotions, even feelings of bliss. Your job is always to simply welcome, recognize and witness whatever comes your way. This will help you experience yourself as larger than your emotions, but also as something that is expressed by the changeable things in your life like emotions.

In the Yoga Nidra recording, through a visualization practice, we establish an inner-sanctuary, a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable, and alive. If you experience anything in Yoga Nidra that you don't want to welcome, recognize, and witness, maybe extreme emotions, as explained in the recording, you may always go back in your mind to your inner sanctuary.  

It's important to remember that Yoga Nidra is an experience and not an intellectual exercise. Understanding what it is and how it works isn't the experience. Just practice it and see the magic of Yoga Nidra for yourself. The discovery of how it works through this discussion may help you to experience Yoga Nidra but is not the experience. 

Relaxation! Neuroscience shows us that you can't be stressed and relaxed at the same time. That's one reason why you will become very relaxed as you practice Yoga Nidra.

Of course, this free learning module is only the first step to Sourcing Your True Power and living an extraordinary life free of stress, self-limiting beliefs, and possible misapprehensions about your True Self.

To continue your truly joyful and enlightening journey of deep Self-discovery, I invite you to enroll in my online Yoga Nidra course: Sourcing Your True Power.

When you register for the Sourcing Your True Power course, for six weeks you will receive  access to 6 content-rich modules, similar in structure to the one above. These modules will become your invaluable library of Yoga Nidra practices (audio recordings), discussion recordings and outlines, videos, mantras, breathing techniques, myths, stories, and more. This library is yours to keep forever. Plus, you get to access and complete all the course materials and complete them all on YOUR timetable. 

Each module  will teach you to how to Source Your True Power as you experience sequentially deeper meditations and learn some of the philosophy behind this amazing practice.


I stand by the benefits and quality of this course. If after the course you feel that your experience hasn't truly been worth your while, I will give you your money back— no questions asked. 

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain so please join me on this incredible journey to Source Your True Power!

Price: $129

Register today and begin to Source Your True Power!


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