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Hi, my name is Scott Moore and I've been teaching yoga as a career for over 16 years. I have extensive training, am very personable, and would love to teach you private yoga sessions that meet your specialized needs or match your specific schedule. These sessions will give you one-on-one, expert attention, or if need be, offer you therapeutic poses to help you heal. 

  • Practice with an industry expert at a time that meets YOUR schedule

  • Private individual and group sessions

  • Receive specialized instruction to help you maximize your strength, flexibility, and balance

  • Help heal your back

  • Postpartum yoga to help you recover from having a baby

  • Learn to master the poses you've always wanted to do

  • Reduce anxiety with customized mindfulness practices

  • Improve your golf game

  • Get the mental edge in your job or competitive sport

  • Get better sleep

I can leave you with detailed notes so you feel empowered to continue your training in between sessions.  We can meet at your house or at a yoga studio.

Private Yoga Lessons NYC
Private Yoga Lessons NYC

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Contact me for pricing. Rates do not include rental fees if we rent space from a studio.

Please allow 24 hrs for cancellation.

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Feel free to text or email me for more information or to schedule if you prefer: fr. +33 06 52 78 97 . 66 us +1 801-891-8365

Private Yoga Lessons NYC