Module 5


Welcome to Module 5! This is a very exciting module about seeing the potential limiters (challenges) in our lives, be they physical, financial, emotional, etc., as invariably part of our dynamic world and therefore by their nature changeable.

This module explores how Yoga Nidra can help us view our perceived limiters with perspective, relitive to our beliefs, and as an opportunity to build Awareness. Then maybe we can use this notion of exploring plastic limiters to Source Our True Power to accomplish our wildest dreams and truly live an extraordinary life.

In this module I share another story, this time about Ravana and his conquest over the perceived limiter of time. And we discuss and practice the power of mantra and visualization.

We will take the power of mantra and visualization into our Yoga Nidra practice for a powerful approach to Sourcing Our True Power by seeing our limiters for what they are--CHANGEABLE. Or at very least, maybe not as concrete as we think.

Then if you're interested, check out the fascinating episode of Radiolab that discusses limits in the Additional Resources section at the bottom of the module.

All really cool stuff!

Outline of Discussion Module 5


Limiters are your perceived limitations, challenges, and things that would otherwise inhibit your own awesomeness. Sourcing Your True Power means to understand them as part of our CHANGEABLE being and therefore plastic. Perceived because many times our limiters are what we believe is possible or impossible. Beliefs, as we explored in Module 3, are simply compounded thoughts. Think something long enough and you believe it for good or bad.

Remember, beliefs are neither true nor not true. They are just beliefs. To welcome, recognize, and witness them as such puts you in the driver's seat of living and extraordinary life. You Source Your True Power by using Awareness, your True Nature, as the platform to witness limiters and see where they might not be as fixed as you thought.

Those who study the brain declare that the brain isn't the best, strangely, at determining what is "real." Rather, the brain creates a "reality" based upon perceptions which may or may not reflect what is actual. It's hard for the brain to be objective.

Intentions are powerful. In yoga we call these San Calpa. Compare San Calpa to a seed. When planted, whether you remember it or not, and with right conditions, that seed grows and blooms. You may groom it along it's growing path but you've already set its growth in motion.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful way of making those conditions right for your intentions to grow. With Yoga Nidra, we plant that seed of intention deep into our belief realm, the Vijnanamaya Kosha. So, whether or not you're consciously working toward that intention, it's still growing inside of you.

Hey, if you get to believe what you want to, why not believe that you kick ass?!

Intentions are not expectations. A student said to me, "What are expectations but premeditated disappointments?" I love that! Like in yoga class we work toward a direction rather than an end goal, understanding that the goal is in the journey. Whether or not I ever touch my toes, I am successful by simply practicing. Our intentions allow us to be in the moment and course correct along the way.

Personally, I don't subscribe completely to the notion that I can bend the Universe to my will by intention alone. Rather, I believe in what I call The cosmic Chess Game. I set an intention and make a move. The Universe counter moves. I move again, and so on. My direction is to work down the chess board but I do it in a way as presented by my possibilities. Watch out, though. Even though I may not have complete control over my Universe, my intentions will most certainly shape how the game unfolds.

Mantra and Visualizations

Mantra comes from the word Manos (mind--Manomaya Kosha), and Tra, the root of transcend. So through your mind you transcend something.

Famous mantras:

  • Om Mani Padme Om (purrification mantra--I'm the lotus)

  • Peace

  • I am the peace I am seeking in this moment (Gayatri Mantra)

  • Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. (Muhammad Ali)

  • Just Do It! (Nike)

  • May we be like the Lotus, at home in the muddy water. (Judith Lasater)

I encourage you to make up your own mantra.

Visualization helps you involve all of your senses and perceive what you would like to see in actual life. I've used visualizations for years to help me and my clients believe possibilities into reality. Top-level athletes use visualizations regularly to believe they can win.

Watch for another course for athletes where we use the Yoga Nidra and visualization techniques extensively to achieve the impossible.

Remember, your mind can't discern between your perceptions and truth. I proffer that Sourcing Your True Power is to understand that you are much more powerful than your self-limiting beliefs think you are.  Since you can orchestrate your perceptions you can taste, feel, smell, success in the realms you want. Do it long enough and you believe it. When you believe you can, you do. Simple as that.

The Amygdala is the part of your brain that keeps you alive by making you afraid of jumping off that 30 ft. cliff on your skis. Once you've done it a few times, the Amygdala takes a break and you approach the cliff without fear. Through visualization, you can learn to override your Amydgala and your self-limiting beliefs.

No one believed that humans could run a 4-minute mile. Then someone did it. Suddenly there after, everyone was doing it. They needed to believe it was possible and then it was.

What are the limiters you face on a regular basis? What would an extraordinary life look like for you and what is stopping you from living it?

Remember, we may not have total control over how the Universe unfolds, but I proffer that we have much more than we think we do. Let's use Yoga Nidra so simply see our limiters for what they are and use them to gain Awareness. With perspective, you'll see many of these limiters are much less solid than they appear.

Let off the brakes and push on the gas on your extraordinary life!

Along the way, welcome, recognize, and witness all perceived limiters as a messenger. Allow yourself to become more in tune to your Awareness through changeable limits.


Yoga Nidra Practice

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Additional Resources:

iRest with Dr. Richard Miller

Radiolab Episode about limits. Fascinating!