Tech Tips for Downloads


Technology can be cool and fun and make available things like an online meditation recording. It can also be a confusing pain and feel like a barrier to accessing information if you’re not exactly sure how to make it work for you. Remember, this is supposed to make your life easier rather than harder.

I want to offer some tech tips for anyone who is wondering about how to download the material. I’m no tech guru but I’ll do my best to explain what I’ve discovered as simply as possible. Also, I would very much appreciate any other ideas you might have about making the material easily accessible.

Making Folders to Organize and Store Your Nidra Files

Say you want to download the recording onto your computer, smart phone, iPod or tablet so you can listen to it where you wish. You can archive the recording in a place where you will remember and a way to access them when you want them.

An easy way to do this is as follows:

1.     Go to your desktop (or wherever you want to store these) right clicking (for PCs, two fingers and thumb click for Macs) and then adding a new folder. Name it Clarinet Meditations or whatever.

2.     Click on the button in the module that says DOWNLOAD CLARINET MEDITATIONS, it will pop up with a window from Dropbox and you can choose to either download or save to my Dropbox.

3.     If you click download, it will ask you where you want to save it and you can specify the folder you made on your desktop or wherever.

4.     If you click Dropbox, you can put them in your Dropbox folder, another convenient way to store your files.

What’s a Dropbox folder and how do I make one?

Dropbox is a file storage program. I think it makes this all very easy. If you’re new to Dropbox, Dropbox is an easy way to store files and access them on any computer. The files are stored on a server and on your computer so you can access them whether you are sitting at your computer or are at an internet café in Paris. It’s cool like that. If you have a smart phone, you might want to download the Dropbox app. That makes downloading the files onto your phone really easy. Remember, anything saved in Dropbox can be accessed wherever you access it, be that on your phone, your computer’s hard drive, or via the internet.

If you don’t have Dropbox on your computer and you want it, you can get a free version by doing the following:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on Sign Up For Free

3.     Enter in your name and email and a password.

4.     It will ask to download Dropbox on your computer. Click ok. Follow the directions your computer gives you to download stuff from the internet.

5.     Once it’s set up, go to Dropbox. You can find Dropbox by going again to or now that Dropbox lives on your computer, by clicking on My Computer (in you have a PC) or Finder (for Mac). I use a Mac and Dropbox lives right above All My Files in my Finder application.

6.     Add a folder in Dropbox; there is a folder icon with a plus sign (+) next to it. Click this to add a folder.

7.     Name it CLARINET MEDIATIONS or something.

To put Dropbox on your smart phone:

1.     Go to your app store on your phone

2.     Search Dropbox

3.     Install

4.     After it loads, open the app and sign in. I might suggest signing up for Dropbox online and on your computer before doing the phone. That way, you’ll already be set up.

Downloading Audio Files Onto Your Computer Now that The Folders (and maybe Dropbox) Are Created.

So, if you decide to save the audio:

1.     Click Download Audio.

2.     The file will come up and give you the option of either Downloading it or Save To My Dropbox.

3.     For Dropbox, (recommended) press Save To My Dropbox.

a.     Save under the Clarinet Meditations folder you created in Dropbox.

4.     For your computer, press Download

a.     Save File (do not choose Open With. Open With iTunes, for example, is the option to play the file directly instead of downloading it)

b.     Press OK

c.     Navigate to where you want to save the file by going to your Desktop and clicking on the Clarinet Mediations folder you created.

If you used Dropbox, your files will be available anywhere you access Dropbox, whether that be on your computer, phone, or internet.


Ok. Now I’ve Saved the Files, How do I Listen to Them?

To listen to the files:

Using Dropbox

1.     Go to Dropbox (either on computer, smart phone, or internet) and open the Clarinet Meditations folder.

2.     Click on the file you want to listen to (the only one).

3.     The file will automatically begin to play using a default player.

Using The Files on Your Desktop

1.     Go to your Desktop.

2.     Open the Clarinet Meditations Folder.

3.     Click the file you want to listen to (only one).

4.     If it asks you which player you want to use, indicate player (i.e. iTunes or Media Player).

How Do I Listen to the Files on iTunes?

1.     Open iTunes.

2.     In the upper left corner, click File.

3.     Click Add to Library.

4.     Find your Clarinet Mediations folder on your Desktop or Dropbox.

5.     Click the file(s) you want to live in iTunes.

6.     Go to iTunes.

7.     Go to Recently Added.

8.     Click on the audio track.


I might suggest creating a Playlist in iTunes for easy access.

Create an iTunes Playlist by:

1.     Click File (upper left).

2.     Click New.

3.     Click Playlist.

4.     Name Playlist Clarinet Mediations.

5.     Find all the file from Recently Added.

6.     Drag them into your Clarinet Meditations Playlist.

How Do I Play the Files on My Phone or iPad/iPod?

1.     Transfer the files to iTunes (see above).

2.     Plug your pone iPod or iPad into your computer.

3.     Sync with your iTunes.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it might help with some of the tech difficulties that might arise as you’re wondering how to maximize your access to all the material.

Technology can be confusing. It changes all the time and aren’t a lot of tutorials that teach you how to do all of this. I hope that this has helped a little. Again, I appreciate any feedback as to how to make this easier to access the material.