Where Is Your Life Taking You?


What if where we wanted to end up (read: job, relationship, finances, yoga practice) weren't dependent upon how much effort we could muster to get there but rather on our ability to place ourselves into the flow and allow ourselves to be carried?

What is this alleged flow you speak of? Well, it's the animating force of everything. In yoga we call it Prana, accessible through breath but coursing through everything. It's what makes the seasons change, the wind blow, and everything in the universe move. It probably has a million names. So maybe the question is how to tap into the already existing current and literally go with the flow.

A good place to start is to ask where your life seems to be pulling you. Do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of energy resisting something, maybe the inevitable? What if you were to go with the flow and spend your energy managing what seems completely natural rather than trying to carve a new pathway for the river?

That's not to say that there isn't any effort involved with going with the flow. It's just the effort we spend could be used to keep us in the central current rather than to swim the entire length of the river. It's going there anyway, right? Use the effective balance of steadiness and ease, effort here and yield there, to keep yourself into the current.

Maybe you've been fighting to keep your mind still in a restore yoga practice when all along you could be using that energy in a power vinyasa class. Maybe you've been working all this time at a job that doesn't feed your soul and you know perfectly well that your desires and interests and gifts would take you into a different direction. Go with the flow and allow the situations that arise to do so. Through practices like meditation and yoga, you'll know what to do with those situations when they come because you'll have practiced sourcing your deep inner-wisdom.

Come to yoga this week as we practice balancing steadiness and ease in our yoga practice as a way of inviting us to balance it in the practice of every-day living.