Twist of Fate

Last Saturday, we had a massive yard sale where we experienced a twist of fate, both literally and figuratively.  Just as we were setting up my love, Seneca, slipped off the porch, twisted her ankle, and broke her foot! Despite some initial pain, she's going to be fine--a week on crutches, a month in a very stylish boot (yes, that woman can make even that look sexy), and then 2 weeks or so with a brace. We are glad that it wasn't a worse break but it has certainly slowed us down a bit.

Does this every happen to you? Ever been running in 5th gear, focused and a little stressed, working intently on something that really needs to happen, and then something big and unexpected comes along, like a broken foot, and completely changes your plan? Man, what an opportunity to take a breath, alter your plans, and move forward with a balance of steadiness and ease. That's the yoga of life, I tell you.

I really appreciated what I learned from Phillipe and Gerry, the Aikido masters who co-facilitated the Yoga + Aikido workshop I hosted a few weeks ago. Ai means harmony. Ki is energy. Do means path. Therefore, Aikido is the path or practice of moving in alignment with harmony. In Aikido, you don't resist something come toward you--you match its energy and redirect. The result is minimal or no harm to both parties, ideally. So, when a broken foot came unexpected, we took a deep breath, understood this as the new reality, and moved forward accordingly. It has been a great practice of incorporating the principles of yoga into life.

When life shows you that your best laid plans are basically worthless, or that you're going to have to go with plan B, realize that this is a a game. Take a deep breath and organize and execute according to priority. Do your best and write off the rest.