Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

an online meditation and yoga course designed to help you to dive deep into your heart to discover and develop your purpose and courageously share it with the world.

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What is your heart's gift for the world?

I believe that discovering and sharing your heart’s gift with the world is the most important thing any of us can do in this lifetime. Join me for a courageous journey of profound mindfulness, self-discovery, and powerful action.

This course contains 6 rich modules which include:

  • 6 Profound and enlightening Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) practices, designed to help you discover and share your heart’s gift for the world.

  • A short but powerful daily routine that will help supercharge your day.

  • A soulful daily meditation that grounds you and taps you into your heart.

  • 6 Yoga videos and breathing practices to incorporate body, mind, and spirit.

  • Mantras, myths, stories, and breathing practices.

  • Hours of insightful teachings.

  • Powerful journaling exercises and homework designed to hear your own wisdom.

  • Calls to action that help you manifest discovering and sharing your gifts.

  • Inspiring and helpful resources like articles, books, podcasts, recordings, videos, etc.

  • Do it on your own timeline! Lifetime access to all the materials.

You’ll leave this course feeling courageous, connected to your heart and it’s unique gift, and with confidence and vision about how to share it with the world. This course will be a catalyst to open your limitless reserves of energy to make your biggest impact on this earth.

Here's what others are saying:

I’ve just started the program and already feel a difference in my attitude and perspective! Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this program!
— S. Klein.

The world is waiting, so join me already!

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If you already know your heart’s gift for the world, this will course help you to refine and clarify that gift and give you some powerful tools to help add insight and share it with the world; you’ll create a new relationship with your heart.

How This Works:

Once you register, you will receive an email with some information about accessing the course materials as well as some soulful homework to connect to your heart. Then starting Monday, April 23rd, and every Monday for six weeks, you'll receive an email with the content for that week's module. 

Do it at your own pace!

Since all of the materials will exist online and you can access them whenever you wish, you can choose to either go with the pace of the course as the content is released week by week, or simply do the course materials when it works for you. There is a value to going sequentially through the modules but once you've done a module, you can always go back and review or skip around. 




1. Uncover or Rediscover the Mystery of Your Heart: Walking your Dharma

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will begin the process of discovering or rediscovering the terrain of your heart. We will lay the foundation for personal optimization with the introduction of simple but powerful daily breathing and mindfulness exercises. We will discuss and experience ourselves as the universal origin of all things or Source and feel that kernel of Source which resides in our hearts. How does your heart answer these questions: What is your life’s path, how do you begin to find it, and what does it look like to follow it? We also will explore the notion of Dharma, or your life’s pathway.

2. Sourcing your Heart to Truly Know Thyself

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will follow the yoga process of self-discovery as outlined by the Yoga Sutras. How does the heat of transformation lead us to self-knowledge and ultimately letting go of control over the process? What does it mean to be at one with all things and how does that help us to know ourselves and our heart’s gift for the world? We will model our self-inquiry after Socrates and his journey to seek wisdom and ultimately “know thyself.” In this module we will seek out the wise, prophetic Oracle that lives in our hearts.

3. Breathing Life into Your Gift


In this module we will practice using our prana (life-force energy) to move into the realm of the extraordinary. We will breathe onto embers of our hearts with  “Heart’s Breath” to stoke our heart’s boldness. We will also explore what it means to live forward with your heart’s gift for the world with some wild visualizations coupled with practical planning about sharing our heart’s gift to the world. What do you do when you find yourself in a rut, and how can your favorite childhood book help you remember your purpose? As you learn to go with the flow, you’ll begin to notice everyday how life seems to be going your way and supporting you as you share your heart’s gift with the world.

4. Braveheart: Sourcing and Leveraging Fear to Blast Forward

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

In this module, we will examine fear as a driving force for good, one that will move us forward along our path instead of causing us to retreat. We will reexamine the notion of fear and understand it’s true message as one of attention and action rather than retreat and hide. We will see fear for what it is, a messenger and an invitation to experience our True Self. When grounded in our identity as Source, fear becomes almost fun. In this module we will be inspired in the face of fear and walk away with empowering and simply tools to harness and leverage our fear to go out and kick ass!

5. Ultimate Success

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

What does it mean to succeed? Success isn’t about the financial or social status. It’s about the satisfaction of sharing your heart’s gift with the world. In this module we will begin to set up the metrics for success which you will be able to track everyday to recognize success every day. You’ll create your own success with small mile markers which turn into vast journeys. You’ll notice how every day you are moving through life grounded in the satisfaction of real and lasting success. Your confidence will rise and you will glow with success each day, a quality that will be contagious to those around you.

6. Time to Jump: Sharing Your Gift with the World, Stay the Course, and Unimaginable Possibilities

Sourcing Your Heart's Gift

Now that we are familiar with our heart’s gift for the world, know how to laugh in the face of fear, and understand what success looks and feels like, we will do some exciting visualizations, some practical journaling, and some powerful action to share our heart’s gift with the world. This will be an exciting moment!

 If you've done any of my other courses, you're going to love this. If you are new to yoga or Yoga Nidra or meditation, this course will be perfect for you. 

About Scott

Scott Moore

I've been studying and teaching Yoga Nidra (this unique form of guided meditation) for the past 10 years. It's been the most life-changing practice I've every experienced because of its uncanny ability to tap me into my deepest self and experience my connection with my most divine heart. I've learned more about myself and the Universe through Yoga Nidra than any other practice.

Also, literally thousands of my students have experienced and expressed similar experiences. 

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for almost 20 years. I'm passionate about helping people discover and express the best parts of themselves to feel incredible and make the world a better place in only they way they know how. 

I teach and live in New York City, and host retreats, courses, workshops, and trainings locally and abroad. I've been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine and write for my blog, Conscious Life News, Sivana East, Elephant Journal, and other online and print publications. 


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