20-hr. Yoga Nidra Immersion/Training

February 7–9, 2020 Salt Lake City.

Physical Location TBD

a virtual or in-person meditation course designed to help you to dive deep into your True Being and to learn to share Yoga Nidra with the world. 

$345 Register. Space is limited!

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Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

This training counts as 20 contact hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Nidra is the most effective, profound, and relaxing form of meditation that I know. It has taught me more about myself and the Universe than any other practice. I have been teaching Yoga Nidra for more than a decade and I would love to share what I know about this transformative with you. Whether you’re a yoga or meditation teacher, educator, parent, therapist, or healer, Yoga Nidra could be a powerful addition to your skill set. By the end of this 20-hr. immersion/training you will have deepened your deep relationship to Self and if you desire you’ll be ready to teach Yoga Nidra.

You do not need any prior experience with yoga or meditation to attend this. You may join us in person (location TBD) or online via Zoom. Everyone will receive an audio/video recording of the entire training.

You’ll learn:

  • What is Yoga Nidra and why to practice it

  • Helpful, easy to follow Yoga Nidra scripts that you can use on day 1 which will also guide you to making your own scripts

  • How to lead a group in Yoga Nidra to:

    • Build energy

    • Support difficult emotions like anxiety and depression

    • Maximize creativity, performance, and learning

  • How to do powerful one-on-one Yoga Nidra sessions

  • Create powerful visualizations to program your unconscious and manifest your reality

  • Yoga Nidra philosophy, chants, and myths

You’ll get an audio/video copy of the entire weekend to keep in your Yoga Nidra library. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion once you finish the course.

If you can’t join us in person, you may join us via Zoom and participate in the conversation in real time.

This is a rare opportunity both for personal transformation as well as to learn this beautiful and healing art. Please join me!


Fri. Aug 23rd 5:30–9:30 pm MST

Sat. Aug 24th 8–5 pm (1 hour lunch break) MST

Sun. Aug 25th 8–5 pm (1 hour lunch break) MST

Please email me with questions: scott@scottmooreyoga.com

Yoga Nidra

About your instructor

Scott Moore (E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga since 2003 and Yoga Nidra since 2008. His online Yoga Nidra teacher training has gained global attention and over 30,000 people have enjoyed his Yoga Nidra recordings on the Insight Meditation app. Scott was a professor of an accredited class, Yoga for Wellness at Westminster College for 9 years and has also created programming and curriculum for many hospitals and treatment facilities. Scott has also worked with many world-renowned performers and athletes to achieve optimal performance using Yoga Nidra. Scott is a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance. Scott is currently living with his wife and son in Southern France.

I have studied with Scott for years, since the days of his Prana studio in Trolley Square, and his compassion, engagement, and base of knowledge makes him one of my favorite teachers. He was one of the first teachers to teach me Yoga Nidra. So when he offered a Nidra immersion and training I jumped on it. Only ... I wasn’t in the area. I was in Michigan. I attended the immersion, training, and additional Sunday workshop remotely - in real time, using Zoom set up by Scott. It worked flawlessly, and the experience was wonderful. If you are interested in any classes he offers, but can’t physically attend, do not hesitate to attend remotely. You will still be a full participant and receive the full impact of Scott’s clarity and teaching skills.
— Lesley DuTemple Yoga Nidra teacher
Scott’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training was an excellent blend of information, inspiration, and application. I love his way of organizing and presenting of the abundance of material. Scott is very authentic and has a way of connecting and empowering his student to feel confident to utilize the tools he provides. I am so thankful to have the Yoga Nidra as part of my toolbox of offerings!
— Jackie Wheeler studio owner and yoga teacher
I registered for Scott Moore’s Yoga Nidra course. It blew my mind. I had no idea that Nidra was different than guided meditation. I loved learning about the structure of the practice, its benefits, and all off the important aspects of this incredible healing practice. Scott is a fabulous teacher.
— Tiffany Curren yoga teacher