Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Imagine that you’ve finally made it. That goal, the thing you’ve desired that has been so elusive, has finally come to life. Imagine you finally found the love of your life. Or you’ve changed your relationship with money to be working for you, not against you. Imagine losing the weight you’ve been carrying around, or doing that Iron Man, or finding lasting relief to anxiety or depression. Imagine discovering profound peace and joy in your heart and mind. 

Are you perhaps sabotaging your own amazingness? Is there a part of you that is applying the brakes to your life?

There is something inside of YOU that knows that YOU are capable of accomplishing the impossible. It’s a part of you that is deeper than your rational mind. It’s the part of you that doesn’t doubt your astounding abilities. It’s the part of you that shows up on December 31 and dares you to dream new, exciting, and sometimes scary possibilities for the NEW YOU in the new year.

This week, prior to New Year’s, I dare you to dream big! I dare you to go deep inside to find those dreams and find the source of your deepest power. I dare you to release the brakes and see what your life is capable of doing. Not only do I dare you, but I can show you how!

I have been trained to perform a specialized, powerful, yet simple technique, a method of accessing this exciting part of you so that you can source it to jump powerfully into the new year and dream what’s possible in 2016 . . . AND THEN DO IT! Then, MAINTIAN your progress with the same technique. And guess what? Not only is it powerful; what’s better is that it’s incredibly relaxing.

This technique, this yoga, is called Yoga Nidra. It’s an ancient practice but like asana (poses) it is adapted to match your needs of today. For me personally, Yoga Nidra has been unquestionably the most profound method of self-discovery I’ve ever experienced. I’ve trained with the world’s preeminent Yoga Nidra teacher Dr. Richard Miller. I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra for nearly a decade and I’ve seen life-changing results for myself and students through this practice that is virtually available to everyone. With Nidra, I’ve helped students conquer long-held fears, finish first place in ultra-endurance races, and discover the peace of their profound nature of being. If you can’t tell, I’m absolutely passionate about sharing this with others and I want to share it with YOU as the way to source your amazing visionary inside and help you bound into the new year with power and presence to accomplish the impossible. . . at very least.

Yoga Nidra is like a guided meditation, a method of deep listening where you establish a deep awareness of all the different parts of you, including and especially that incredible part of you that doesn’t doubt your awesomeness and that will help you fulfill your dreams in the new year. Through practicing Yoga Nidra you can rewire the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from tapping your potential.

Here’s what you do: simply lie down, get comfy, and listen to me guide you as I help you to pay attention to your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and deeper. . . It’s so relaxing that you’ll find yourself moving into the state of mind that is like a daydream, not asleep yet not awake. It’s not hypnosis although some people describe it as such. This state of mind is the Nidra state and acts like the bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious. But don’t let the relaxing nature of this practice fool you, this practice is very profound and will be the engine that drives your dreams into reality for 2016.

Years ago, when I first met Scott, I was grieving the end of a nearly 20 year marriage, alongside the loss of my home, my career, and my place in the world— Needless to say, I was in pain. Then Scott guided me through my first ever Yoga Nidra practice and I learned of my ability to hold joy and pain simultaneously. Helpful, to say the least. In fact, it may have saved me. Without it, I was planning to let Pain have all the rooms in the inn for a long time. ( I’m sorry Joy, this place is all full. No, I’m sorry you can’t even sleep in the barn. Pain is keeping his horses in there. ) Thanks to Scott, I knew better. I was able to welcome Joy along with Pain, because Nidra had shown me my capacity. Every time I have done Yoga Nidra since, I have learned something more about how spacious I really am, how many worlds I can actually hold.
— N. Seymour

Is it dangerous? Will you have me unknowingly clucking around the room like a chicken? NO! This is a simple relaxing technique that simply hones your awareness and leaves you feeling open, focused, and relaxed.

Yoga Nidra is like closing your eyes and allowing me to guide you through the secret passageways into the recesses of your house of awesomeness, the part of you that knows how incredible you truly are. When you arrive to this place of deep awareness, your dreams, your power, your focus, your drive, your life’s purpose, your gifts to the world will emerge like hidden diamonds in the mountain, and will show your conscious mind what’s possible in your practical world, things you perhaps didn’t know you knew. Then with this awareness, you move back into your life and start making these dreams a reality, executing with clarity and confidence. It’s absolutely amazing! And deceptively simple to do.

Just like other forms of yoga, one session can be incredibly powerful but most of the time it takes practice. So I’d like to offer you a FREE New Year Yoga Nidra practice to do several times as you plan to spring into an incredible 2016. You can click the link and download it and bliss out several times as training to move into 2016. Use it as a regular resource. Share it with your family and friends.

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Yoga Nidra: Sourcing Your True Power!

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