A Prayer For Rain

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Such wonderful summer rain recently! What a relief simply to have the landscape change momentarily. Just when the landscape seems to be so stifling, stale, and stagnant, the weather shifts and boom, there's a summer storm and everything changes. The sky, the canvas of the landscape tableau, changes and this change invariably changes everything in the foreground. The colors are more vivid, the air is fragrant, and my mind is reborn to freshness, to vitality, and newness.

A beautiful summer storm burst over my head almost two weeks ago. Yes, it's week two of being a papa. I'm sure I won't be writing about my new babe forever in my newsletter and blog (this is the 3rd week in a row, work with me!) but for this moment, it's the most real thing in my life, the lens through which I see everything. The colors are more vivid and the air is presher as a father of this perfect little being.

Thank you again to everyone who has been so wonderful to me and to Seneca by showering us with congratulations, meals, support, and love. Someone anonymously left me a clipping form a magazine at Centered City Yoga. The quote is by Frank Pittman, M.D., from his book Man Enough.

"These guys who fear becoming fathers don't understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something aht perfects the man. The end product of childraising is not the child but the parent."

Boom! a thunderbolt crashing overhead, raining more awareness and perspective about my internal landscape. Beautiful. Thank you, Anonymous Well-Wisher. I'm very grateful for this timely inspiration.

Certainly, yoga is the microcosm of the practice of life. I see this opportunity to have a kid as an enormous lesson, and not just in diaper changing, sleeplessness, and translating the needs of another being through the language shrill infant cries. One lesson I’m receiving is how to profoundly deepen my relationship with another small group of human beings, Seneca and Elio (my new little guy). Something deep and beautiful staged a coup on my heart the moment they put that little creature in my arms. It gave me an appreciation for the profound nature of life and the fierce grace, the power of this woman, who carried him and brought him into this world. Damn! May I practice presence, awareness of my body, mind, and spirit, and celebrate the yoga which is the union of souls that is at once both my own family and simultaneously the family of all being. May this journey of fatherhood make me the man I’ve always been destined to be. And in the process of my unfolding may I bless the lives of my family, community, and the world. This is my practice and my prayer.