Your Life Practice

Tantra Yoga is a philosophy of yoga. It comes from two Sanskrit words: Tan, meaning to stretch, and Tra which is the same root of words we use in English like Transcend. It means to expand, to become. Therefore, Tantra means, essentially, to stretch into our largest becoming. And since who knows if there’s another round after this lifetime or if this is the only go around, Tantra suggests to do as much of this personal transformation as soon as possible, to stretch into your own becoming now.

There are several categories and suggested disciplines and methods to practice this personal becoming, including our yoga practice and our meditation, yes, but also our home life and our work life are important parts of our path to our own becoming. Personally, this resonates with me: the idea that there is as much opportunity to practice becoming my fullest self in the boardroom as there is on my meditation cushion or yoga mat. Truly this suggests that our entire life is the practice and that we can’t subdivide our evolution as to what happens at the studio, different than what happens at work. Similarly, there can be just as much insight into your profound nature of being while doing what you’ve chosen as a profession as much as there is by doing any other practice. Truly our life is our practice.

This week I invite you to see your home life, your work, your civic involvement, all as a part of your sacred practice. Let the same person who arrives onto your yoga mat also arrive to your next meeting at work as well as to the dinner table at home, and to your sweetheart. Practice the tantric method of making your life the practice.

Save the dates of October 2-4 for the next retreat at Wolf Creek Outpost in Woodland, Utah. This time we get practice being in relationship to the beautiful spirit of horses and go on an amazing ride through the forest. Don’t miss this. Details to come.