Source Your Magic

Once, Laurence Olivier, the master of masters, perhaps one if not THE best play-actors of our time had just delivered his finishing lines of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The entire theatre was cupped in a quiet, magical revery, a rare experience that only happens when witnessing the finger of God. Then after several long seconds, the audience exploded in exuberant applause.

Olivier stormed off stage, marched straight to his dressing room, and slammed the door. Perplexed, the stage manager eventually knocked timidly on Olivier's door and entered.

"Mr. Olivier, what's the matter, you were absolutely brilliant?" To which Laurence Olivier roared, "I know, and I have absolutely no idea how I did it!"

Have you ever read a poem, seen a dance or acting performance, heard someone speak, or witnessed or something, where you sensed that that person was tapped into pure magic, something enormous, larger than just the every-day conversation? 

I'm confident that YOU have had an experience where you sourced that kind of magic within yourself to do something extraordinary.

Sometimes, experiencing that kind of magic is purely accident. But what if you could practice sourcing that magical part of you so that you could somehow turn it on at will, especially in those really clutch moments.

One of the best ways I know of practicing sourcing this magic is through Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a relaxing form of awareness practice. It's kinda like a guided meditation.

What you do is lie down and listen to me guide you to get relaxed . . . really relaxed. Then I guide you into an acute awareness of myriad things including sensations in your body, your thoughts and emotions, and even those inner-archetypes like that inner wise person, healer, or protector who often have a surprising message for your conscious mind. You are more powerful than you probably realize and Yoga Nidra helps you to source that power in a very real and practical way. With practice you will gain a relationship with the magic inside of you. Maybe sounds out there but is really practical and simple and feels amazing. 

After Yoga Nidra, you emerge feeling extremely relaxed, if nothing else, and we always do our best work when we are relaxed and at ease. But more often than not, you come away with some sort of greater insight into your deep inner-self.  

If you'd like to experience a FREE learning module developed to help manage stress, click below on the link below next the picture with people lying down.

Also, I'd like to invite you practice sourcing your own magic with two really cool offerings. 

First, I'm teaming up with the inimitable Nan Seymour for our Dream and Writeworkshop happening THIS Sunday, November 20 at the Snowbird Cliff Spa. At this unique, not-to-be-missed event, we'll practice sourcing that magic within ourselves in the form of yoga and Yoga Nidra. Then, Nan will lead us through some brilliant writing exercises to help find a voice to that magic. You're guaranteed to come away feeling relaxed, nourished in heart, and aware of the magic within you. 

Plus, your tuition gets you access to the world-class Cliff Spa, so bring your bestie and come prepared to luxuriate in the roof-top hot tub, salt water pool, or sit in the steam room or enjoy the quiet of the solarium. 

We've filled up the afternoon session and have opened up a morning session from 9 am to 12 pm. There are only 20 spots and they are going fast. Please register today to reserve your spot. 

This incredible workshop PLUS spa access for only $49. 

Second, starting this week, I'm starting a Yoga Nidra class on Wednesday nights at 21st Yoga (formerly Fallout) from 6-7 pm. Come and enjoy a class of gentle movement, a brief discussion about the practice, and then a long, decadent Yoga Nidra practice. Use your regular class pass or buy a drop-in. 

Hey, you have gifts and the world needs your gifts. Learn to practice sourcing the magic within you so that you can effectively share your incredible gifts with the world. 

Have a wonderful week, everyone.