What I Love

I've started a practice with this email that I've loved continuing each Thanksgiving week. It's been an emotional and heart opening writing practice for me to simply list all the things I love. I know that gratitude and love aren't necessarily the same thing but rather than a trite list of things I'm grateful for, I like to add a little gasoline to the heart flame, go right for the jugular, and frame this list with all the things I love. 

So, Kleenex nearby, here I go . . . 

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Here's a pic of me with my two greatest loves!

It may be strange, but I love to hear my love's sleep. When Elio wakes in the night, I'm on the "night shift," so I get up and help put him back to bed. I hold him or give him a bottle and when I can hear his breathing turn deep and rhythmic, I know he's asleep and I creep out of his room to slide back into covers that have lost their warmth. I slide into bed next to Sen and listen for her soft, somehow feminine breaths. I close my eyes and with my heart resting in the comfort of my loves sleeping, I allow sleep to take me. 

I love Seneca. She's a rare and remarkable woman. She sees my best, encourages me to reach further and stretch myself and holds my heart tenderly. She's an incredible baby-mama and I want to be a better man because of her. She's everything to me. I love you, babe.


It's been an ass-kicker of a few months! Mostly because my sister was killed in a motorcycle accident. Yet because of this,

Scott & Charity.JPG

there's been a wonderful heart connection with our family. Going to Europe, specifically Paris, was on my sister's must-do list and that's exactly what we did this summer, on our way to Spain for our yoga retreat that Kim Dastrup and I hosted. I loved traveling with her, showing her one of my favorite cities in the world, dragging her all over that town. I will always cherish those memories.

I've experienced a few moves in these last few months: yoga studios a few times and homes a few times. It's always unsettling to uproot, but I've replanted both into a wonderful home in the aves and a beautiful studio at 21st and 21st. I'm really, really, really, happy to have both of these homes, both to lay my head and raise my family as well the wonderful home studio to teach yoga. 

I love teaching yoga. It NEVER feels like work. I love how it makes me grow and learn while I'm trying to teach. I love that it connects me with people and I'm honored by the trust that people give me. I love that people share their experiences and practice with me. It's a real honor. Thank you. 

I love moving my body. I've been outta commission for the last 10 weeks or so tending an Achilles injury but that's feeling better and I can't wait to get back into the action with my yoga practice and my trail running love. 

I love running on a trail. I love talking with a friend over coffee. I love good music. I love writing this newsletter. I love playing sax with my amazing band, The Soulistics. I love growing and learning. I love connecting to spirit. I love collaborating with cool people to offer incredible yoga and mindfulness workshops. I love Yoga Nidra. I love meditation. I love working hard. I love relaxing with a glass of wine on the couch and talking about the day with my love. I love Justin's Peanut Butter Cups. I love frozen hot chocolate at Hatch Family Chocolates. I love a good beer. I love Seneca's cooking. I love sitting down to an amazing meal cooked by Sen and her dad. I love playing in the yard with Elio. I love bath time together. I love singing songs with him. I love watching him grow. I love to feel his little arms around my neck as me makes exaggerated and earnest grunts while he hugs me. I love live music. I love a road trip. I love San Francisco. I love my family. I love my surviving sister, twin, mom and dad. I love Publik Coffee. I love a nice pen. I love a good shave. I love traveling, specifically traveling with Seneca. I love the opportunity to grow. I love connection to others. I love to watch others try and grow and meet their dreams. I love a nice pair of shoes. I love shirts that have been dry cleaned and pressed. I love a nice bottle of wine. I love to make my house beautiful. I love to play the sax. I love to close my eyes and improvise on a tune. I love a good massage. I love hosting yoga retreats. I love other yoga teachers. I love my soul sisters Kim, Christy, Nan, Vicki, and Marit and my soul brothers, Steve, John, and Jason. I love art. I love the symphony. I love dressing up and going out on a date. 

I love YOU!

(eye dab, nose blooooow!)

Make your own list and share it somehow. What a great practice! 

Happy Thanksgiving.