They Took Away Nap Time. I'm Bringing it Back.

In Kindergarten . . .

Salt Lake City Yoga

everyone valued nap time. It gave us a break from all the rigorous stimulation of learning new things, interacting with other people, and striving tounderstand this beautiful yet complicated world.

For some reason, someone decided that nap time was a luxury, expendable, a frivolous waste of time. Well, they were wrong. And I'm bring it back.

Rest is something we can become adept at or poor at. Have you ever been around someone who doesn't know how to relax? Exactly. It's a mess. Is that someone (at least sometimes) you?

Our ability to rest is one of the markers of our wellness.

I've been teaching Yoga Nidra from 6-7 pm on Wednesday nights at 21st Yoga to help people rest. Not just napping (although it frequently happens). In Yoga Nidra we follow a specific method, like a guided meditation, that offers practitioners deep rest as the gateway into experiencing the truest part of Self. It's profound yoga with amazing side benefits.

And when you finish you feel like you've not only discovered something about yourself, but also as if you just awoke from a long, satisfying nap.

Then, you can go back home and be less of a pain in the ass to all those around you.

In the spirit of service, I'd like to give you a free 30-minute Yoga Nidra recording that has been specifically designed to help you understand and appreciate emotions at the same time as becoming very relaxed in your body.

I'd probably sell this online for around $5 but I'd like to give it to you for free because I think we all could use it. In this recording, you'll hear my voice guide you through Yoga Nidra and the gentle, dulcet sounds of my clarinet in the background. Some soft chimes will bring you back out.

I invite you to carve out 30 minutes to do this practice today. Then, please join me Wednesday nights for the live sessions. You won't regret it.

Enjoy! Share it if you want.