I'm In Training

I'm In Training

So, I registered for a half Ironman. On July 16 (less than two weeks away) I'll be swimming for 1.2 miles, biking for 56, and running 13.1. It's a lofty endeavor and I've spent the last 6 months training.

While on vacation, I had to put my training on hold . . . or so I thought. Traveling can be vigorous. Please don't think I'm complaining when I say that we walked around 5-10 miles a day while we were in Paris and New York. Walking is a great way to see any city AND it is an undervalued form of training as well as daily exercise. Running is great but walking is nothing to laugh at. It uses different muscles and is challenging. Instead of complaining about it, I adopted the mantra, "I'm in training," thinking about my race coming up.

Also, try sitting in a plane, wrestling with a  restless 11-month-old for 7.5 hours, then getting off and performing the clean & jerk maneuver with all your luggage that is waaaaay over the weight limit. Then, heft a stroller, portable crib, multiple carry-ons, full-sized and overweight suitcase all across Paris on public transit to arrive at your lodging, all with the kid strapped to your chest. "I'm in training," kept going through my head and it felt like all that effort wasn't just inconvenience, but valued training. 

clean jerk

The European vacation was great and once I got home, I started up with my regular swim/bike/run training but the opportunities for the everyday and lesser-recognized forms of training didn't stop. Up all night with a teething kid: "I'm in training." Hefting several bags of groceries: "I'm in training." Gotta bike to teach cuz you accidentally locked your keys in the car: "I'm in training." 

Of course I'm training for not only the physical part of the race but also for the psychological and mental parts too. And really at the end of the day, it's not about one race. It's about the cumulative experience and how I can incorporate it into my everyday. 

What is all of this everyday effort training you for? You get to decide. Maybe balancing life with effort and ease. Maybe seeing every struggle as an opportunity to be present. Maybe even as a chance to perfect the part of me that doesn't have to complain about difficult things (sometimes I can be a whiner). 

What are you training for?