Tears, Beers, and Tricked-out Hearses

Tears and Beers


 Let's just all sit down for 5 minutes and take a breath . . . keep breathing . . . one more deep breath.

Okay, that's a bit better. Whew, what a hurricane getting out of town what with packing all of our stuff, catching a fairly early flight, landing, filling a taxi with a mountain of luggage, and arriving at our temporary lodging as we are looking for a place! It's been undeniably crazy getting out of town but we are now cozied up in a sweet little Air B&B in Sugar Hill part of Harlem, and wow, what a great little neighborhood! But I gotta tell you, it feels weird to think of NYC as my new home. I'm sure it will take some time.

Seriously, leaving town was a little like attending our own funeral--quite literally. So many wonderful people, family, and friends have shown up in a big way to offer thank yous, well wishes, tears, and I love yous.

Last week, when we pulled up to my mom's house for a family goodbye, we were surprised to see almost the entire family, including my cuz and his family representin' with the Spooxmobile. Shane is a tough looking guy with the softest heart in the universe. He runs a fabulous store called Spoox Boutique that sells Halloween stuff 365 days a year and he and his wife both drive tricked-out hearses, complete with Bluetooth stereos and a great sound systems, A/C, and the smoothest suspension this side of the great beyond.

I learned something about Shane just this past week. Each year Shane holds a spooky car event with spooky tents and the like and all the proceeds (plus some from his own pocket) goes to buy headstones for children. He can't even talk about it without tearing up. Yes, as unorthodox as it is loving.

My mom has been watching Elio every Wednesday for the past two years. She's an amazing grandma and while she has been so supportive about us leaving to peruse our dreams, she's also broken-hearted to see us leave, especially little Elio, her partner-in-crime at the zoo and many other haunts around town. Seneca's mom who has very limited energy has graciously volunteered to watch Elio a few times a week and they have a wonderful bond. Like my mom, she's really sad to see us go but know it's for the best. We couldn't ask for better mom's. My dad and stepmom, Sen's aunt Andrea (big thanks to you), Nan, and Kim, have all been wonderful Aunties to little Elio and we are all going to miss that beautiful connection.

I also said goodbye to several of my closest friends. We shared tears and beers (the name of new-wave revival/country band) as we said our goodbyes. I know I'll be back but we all know that distance changes things.

So many people approached me and gave me tender hugs and told me what a difference I had made in their lives. Several people told me that I was their very first yoga teacher ever. Wow, what a thrill.

Seneca and I were so touched by everyone who came to the sendoff event hosted by Megan Peters. I have a metric ton of cards and notes I'm holding on to. So many people told me how I had personally made a difference in their lives. Each one of these stories touched my heart deeply.

You all have touched me deeply and I miss you already.  Salt Lake City, you have taught me how to teach yoga by showing up for me in every way. No matter where I go in this world, SLC you'll always be my #1.

So please stay connected with me. I'll let you know when I'm coming back into town.

Consider joining me for my Yoga and Writing retreat in August and my San Francisco Yoga Tour in September. I'll let you know when I put together the NYC Yoga Tour and we will tear this town up!