Guided Meditations for Sleep Vol. 1 Digital Download

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Guided Meditations for Sleep Vol. 1 Digital Download


3 hours of relaxing Guided Meditations for Sleep Plus Much More.

Guided Meditations for Sleep is a complete system designed to promote deep, nourishing, and peaceful sleep. It incorporates body, mind, and spirit to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, and relax the body, essential conditions for good sleep. In addition to the extraordinarily relaxing guided meditations, you'll also receive, calming music, pre-sleep breathing practices, yoga postures, checklists, and general guidelines, as well as other empowering information about how to sleep well. This is a digital download with 13 files total. While you can download it on your phone, it works best to download it on your computer or laptop.

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We spend a third of our entire life sleeping. The difference between good sleep, mediocre sleep, or no sleep can be a game changer for your fulfillment of the waking two-thirds of life. Much is riding on our ability for and quality of sleep so let’s learn how to do it well.

I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 15 years and one of the things I hear most from my students is the need for better sleep. I hear that need literally by the many snores in savasana. As a culture we are chronically under-rested due to the fact that we value productivity above almost everything else. Better sleep means a better life. It promotes wellness in body, mind, and spirit, and helps you to be alert, productive, and fulfill your purpose for being on the planet.

Nobody understand what you need for wholeness better than you. That's why I've made several options for you to choose from so you can tailor your experience to your needs. There's something for the analytical mind as well as the visual, meditations for those who like background music and those who don't, long and short meditations, etc.  

You might find other recordings out there that use meditation to help you sleep but nothing is as effective, extensive, and enjoyable as Guided Meditations for Sleep. In fact, you’ll most likely never know what is in the last several minutes of each recording because you won’t stay awake.


Here's what others are saying about Guided Meditations for Sleep:

Best sleep I’ve had in weeks!
— N.S.
Scott’s calming voice helped me to first focus, then relax and meditate. The next thing I knew I woke up having drifted off.
— C.M.
These relaxation visualizations really work. I can sleep much better now.
— S.M.
Scott has the ability to nurture and empower at once, connecting you with your own heart to find that which you need the most. Scott is a humble loving guide.
— M.F.
Scott’s voice is very easy to listen to—very calming and soothing.
— S.J.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but your voice totally puts me to sleep.
— K.W.

I absolutely loved putting this together and I hope you love it too. I stand by my work. If you don’t love it, I’ll refund your money without questions.


Guided Meditations for Sleep

You'll receive:

  • Body Scan with Deep Relaxation (31:15)

  • Body Scan with Deep Relaxation with background music (31:15)

  • Dream imagery Relaxation (28:25)

  • Dream Imagery Relaxation with background music (28:25)

  • Sanctuary Practice (10:21)

  • Original Music: Clarinet Lullaby with Ocean Soundscape (30:00)

  • Pre-sleep Breathing Techniques audio recording (10:02)

  • Pre-sleep Gentle Yoga Stretches PDF

  • Pre-sleep General Guidelines for Good Sleep PDF

  • Pre-sleep Checklist PDF

  • Why Mindfulness Helps You Sleep PDF

  • Tech Tips PDF

Guided Meditations for Sleep
Guided Meditations for Sleep