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Yoga Nidra

Thank you for registering for my online Yoga Nidra course: Sourcing Your True Power!
I’m fascinated by Yoga Nidra and have learned more about yoga, and the entire Universe for that matter, through Yoga Nidra than any other practice. I’ve had some of the most profound moments of my life while practicing Yoga Nidra.
I’ve spent the better part of a decade not only learning about Yoga Nidra, but also discovering how to effectively teach this fascinating practice. I loved building this course and I’m thrilled for the journey that we will be embarking upon together.

This course is entirely conducted online and at your own pace. It's designed to do one module at a time but you're also welcome to skip material, go back and review, etc. I might suggest going through each module and following the order of the materials as they are presented. If you're short on time, simply listen to the Yoga Nidra recording.  I suggest listening to the Yoga Nidra recordings a few times before moving onto the next module. 

Remember, that you’ll have lifetime access to the Yoga Nidra recordings to the Source Your True Power materials. 
If you're interested in a very power, personal Yoga Nidra dyad, incredible for healing, deep awareness, and deep personal insight, click here to request a session. These will be performed via Skype.
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Again, thank you!
Scott Moore

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You can always access the materials by going to the Events tab on my website and clicking on SYTP Main.