Going Into Shock: Rock Out Then meditate

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I've really been enjoying me time back in the U.S. I have loved seeing friends and family, teaching classes and my Yoga Nidra Immersion and teacher training which I did over the weekend, which was illuminating and beautiful.

30-Day Meditation Challenge

While I'm in Salt Lake City, I'm really excited to be subbing a bunch of yoga classes however, most of my offerings—retreats and workshops— center around meditation. And whether or not you'll be joining me for any of these events, there's no better way dive into meditation than with a fun, approachable, 30-day meditation challenge, which I'm hosting all through the month of September.

You've probably heard it a hundred times, and I'm sure you've heard if from me at least 90 times, that you should meditate but there are so many different ways to meditate and really, how do you really do it anyway?

Everyone says the same thing: my mind is too busy to meditate. Meditating doesn't have to be complicated. It's simply focusing on this moment and whenever your mind wanders, come back to this moment. If you're new to meditation, I'd love to help you learn how to meditate, and if you're a seasoned practitioner, I'd love to facilitate your commitment to do this practice every day.

I love to teach yoga and meditation because I feel it's my calling to help people become the best versions of themselves so that they can go and bless the world in best ways they know how.

I really believe that world needs people who are present, living their lives mindfully, and growing into their best selves with a regular, dedicated meditation practice. The world needs YOU to be operating at your highest potential.

Regular meditation is perhaps the most effective way to evolve into your highest self. Presence is the key to experiencing your birthright of magnificence.

Plus, a group of meditators benefits the world in vast ways, bringing goodness into the world like expanding ripples in a pond.

Some of the most common personal benefits of regular mediation are:

  • Spiritual awakening

  • Reduced stress

  • Greater focus

  • Understanding your purpose for the world

  • Greater compassion

  • Being less reactive more responsive

  • Greater happiness

Like any worthwhile endeavor, meditation takes practice. So let's do it together!

Join me in a meditation challenge, a group that will meditate every day for 30 days. This challenge will benefit you personally and will make the world a better place.


The Challenge

You will meditate every day for 30 days for 15 minutes or more. That's it! With the support of the group, you will have the encouragement and connection to tap into the power that happens when a collective of people are meditating together. Even if you meditate at different times, the power of intention that connects us will empower you and enable your greatest benefit.

If you are new to meditation, this is a perfect way to start a new life-long practice. You will receive in-depth explanations, teachings, and follow up to demystify the art and science of meditation, and establish yourself firmly in your practice.

If you are an experienced meditator, this is also a perfect way to join this powerful collective to bring new heights to your practice and open new doors and awarenesses.

All month, I'll be supporting you with emails filled with encouragement and instruction. You can choose any style of meditation you'd like. We will each be tracking our meditations every day using Insight Timer, a mobile app designed to help you time and track your meditations and which provides thousands of guided meditations.

Once you register, you'll receive regular emails and resources to encourage you and support you along the way, including teachings and explanations about the why and how of meditation. You'll be able to see and comment to the others in our group who are also doing this 30-day challenge.

This next 30 days will change your life as well as the lives of everyone around you!

Once you Register

Once you register, you'll receive a welcome email with information about:

  • Specifics of the challenge

  • Many forms of meditation you might choose to do

  • Downloading the app

  • A catalogue of guided meditations, both my catalogue of recordings as well as literally thousands on Insight Timer, which you can keep to help support you on your meditative journey.

  • Receiving supportive emails

What does this cost?

In my experience, if I'm offered something for free, I don't really value it. That's why the 30-Day Meditation Challenge costs $30, so that you'll commit to it. But, everyone who completes the challenge, meditates everyday using the app for 15 minutes or more, can opt to get a FULL refund of their tuition or spend that credit on other mindfulness offerings I have. No hassle. No questions. So, essentially this is free!

I invite you to commit to your own wellbeing. I know you can do it and I'll support you every step of the way.

Join me!

Other News

In other news, if you live in Salt Lake City, I'll be subbing classes at 21st Yoga while I'm here. This week, I'll be teaching:

  • Monday Aug. 26 Forest Yoga 4:30

  • Tuesday Aug. 27 Stiff Bods 4:15

  • Wednesday Aug 28 Yoga Nidra 6 pm

  • Thursday Aug. 29 Power 1&2 9:15 am

Glow Yoga One Love Yoga

On Thursday, I'll be traveling to Idaho for my Yoga + Writing + Nature retreat with Nan Seymour and special guest Maya Stein.

Then, I'll be heading to New York and New Jersey where I'll be teaching:

Yoga Nidra for Happiness workshop at Pure Yoga West in Manhattan on Wednesday Sept. 4 from 6:30–9 pm

Freeing Breathwork and Yoga Nidra workshop with Tiffany Curren at Nirvana Wellness in Wayne New Jersey on Thursday September 5th from 6:30–9:00 pm

From there, I'll be coming back to Salt lake City in time to offer a really fun event: Glow Yoga to the music of Bonobos at the Rose Wagner Theater on Sept. 6 from 8–10 pm. This is a really fun event hosted by One Love Yoga, my good friend James Hardy. This will be a wild and fun yoga experience where we will get to paint ourselves in non-toxic glow paint, turn on the black lights and turn up the music and do yoga like you've never done it before.

Then, to quiet everything right back down, starting the very next morning, September 7–8, I'll be co-hosting a silent meditation weekend with my friend and expert meditation teacher, Vicki Overfelt at our Wasatch Silent Retreat. I'll probably go into shock differentiating between the loud, glow yoga and the silent mediation retreat. It's all part of livin' the dream!

Check out the calendar on my website for all the information and registration links for these events. You can also see my class schedule on my website.

Keep doing everything you do and have a wonderful week.