Finally, A Yoga Nidra Training Online!

Below, I’m offering two different online Yoga Nidra offerings:

  • A 20-hr. Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training designed to teach you how to teach Yoga Nidra effectively with your own voice

  • An online Yoga Nidra Course called Sourcing Your True Power designed to use Yoga Nidra in your every-day life (toward the end of this post).

20-hr. Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Distinguish yourself from the thousands of other yoga teachers with your ability to teach this transformative and healing practice in YOUR own voice and not some rote script.


Yoga Nidra Training
Online Yoga Nidra
Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Get instant access to the materials and start your training today!

You’ll love how versatile this course is. You’ll be able to access the audio and video files right away. You’ll also love the manual which is a 25-page instruction and tool with links, discussion points, a Yoga Nidra road map for teaching, chants, and even some scripts to get you going.

Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

This essential online Yoga Nidra teacher training is designed for those who wish experience the unparalleled magnificence of their True Self through Yoga Nidra. This Yoga Nidra training will deepen your knowledge of this essential subject by practicing it, learning its philosophy, and learn to effectively teach it in a way that is powerful and authentic.

By the end of this training you’ll be ready to teach Yoga Nidra, from your own voice. Once you finish the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

I recommend this Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to absolutely everyone- and I have! Whether or not you plan on actually teaching- this practice is something that everyone needs. We all need to tune in deeper and into our true selves. I have found peace and an uncluttered mind in this practice- it is the most beautiful thing. Scott’s passion for Yoga Nidra is evident in the careful construction of the information as well as the organic flow of the conversation that he facilitates. The information and training was so easy to follow, which isn’t always the case in an online training scenario. He brought up engaging and provocative points and always applied the information back into everyday life. I left the training feeling very confident in my ability to lead classes and to help individuals get to a point where they can truly discover themselves. This training is 100% life changing and totally worth it. Thanks!
— Robyn Hiebert
I have finished the online training ☺️
I wanted to say it was a wonderful experience. I love your teaching style and found I resonated with what you were sharing! I am excited to practice more and start sharing my knowledge with my students! Thanks again! I really feel like this was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
— Shawna Farrow
Scott’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training was an excellent blend of information, inspiration, and application. I love his way of organizing and presenting of the abundance of material. Scott is very authentic and has a way of connecting and empowering his student to feel confident to utilize the tools he provides. I am so thankful to have the Yoga Nidra as part of my toolbox of offerings!
— Jackie Wheeler, Yoga Studio Owner/Teacher

I’m an E-RYT 500 certified Yoga Alliance teacher, a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, and I’m registered as school of Yoga with Yoga Alliance. This course counts as 20 non-contact hours for Yoga Alliance continuing education.

I have studied with Scott for years and his compassion, engagement, and base of knowledge makes him one of my favorite teachers. He was one of the first teachers to teach me Yoga Nidra. So when he offered a Nidra immersion and training I jumped on it. Only ... I wasn’t in the area. I did the immersion, training. It worked flawlessly, and the experience was wonderful. If you are interested in any classes he offers, but can’t physically attend, do not hesitate to attend remotely. You will still be a full participant and receive the full impact of Scott’s clarity and teaching skills.
— Lesley DuTemple

Some of the topics we will cover

  • Philosophy of Yoga Nidra

  • Myths and Chants

  • Yoga Nidra for Healing/Trauma/Stress

  • Yoga Nidra for Performance

  • The Power of Visualizations

  • Subtle Body Study and Practice

  • Chakras

  • Koshas

  • Pranayama

  • Incorporating Yoga Nidra into Asana Classes and Restore Yoga

  • Mindfulness

  • Effective Teaching Methods

  • Role as Teacher

  • Self Practice

  • Group Teaching

  • One-on-one Teaching

This training is a fascinating journey into Self that also gives you the tools to help others also discover themSelves. This is an engaging, fun, and in-depth look at all things Yoga Nidra. One of the things that is so powerful about this training is the section that focuses on doing Yoga Nidra dyads, one-on-one sessions. This section helps you to learn how to use Yoga Nidra to help people find their unique pathway to Wholeness.

I’ve received some great feedback lately about the fact that this training is not only such high quality, but that is also affordable, accessible, and can be done on your own timeline.

I believe the world needs more Yoga Nidra. I believe you’re the one to offer it, in your voice, speaking to your students in only the way you can.

This 20-hour Yoga Nidra intensive is perfect both for teachers as well as students who simply want to deepen their practice of Yoga Nidra.

This could be the most important work you do in a great long time.

My teaching style uses tools like knowledge of the koshas, a skillful counterpoint of opposites, and evoking deep relaxation to illuminate one’s True Self. This knowledge and experience you gain from practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra will help you live your life more fully, with greater compassion, and with deep purpose.

Scott Moore (E-RYT 500, YACEP, RYS) has been teaching yoga since 2003 and Yoga Nidra since 2008. His online Yoga Nidra teacher training has gained global attention and over 30,000 people have enjoyed his Yoga Nidra recordings on the Insight Meditation app. Scott was a professor of an accredited class, Yoga for Wellness, at Westminster College for 9 years and has also created programming and curriculum which incorporates Yoga Nidra for many hospitals and treatment facilities. Scott has also worked with many world-renowned performers and athletes to achieve optimal performance using Yoga Nidra. Scott writes for and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine, Medium, Conscious Life News, Sivana East, and his own blog at Scott loves to travel to offer retreats, trainings, and workshops. Scott is currently living with his wife and son in Southern France.

Scott Moore (E-RYT 500, YACEP, RYS) has been teaching yoga since 2003 and Yoga Nidra since 2008. His online Yoga Nidra teacher training has gained global attention and over 30,000 people have enjoyed his Yoga Nidra recordings on the Insight Meditation app. Scott was a professor of an accredited class, Yoga for Wellness, at Westminster College for 9 years and has also created programming and curriculum which incorporates Yoga Nidra for many hospitals and treatment facilities. Scott has also worked with many world-renowned performers and athletes to achieve optimal performance using Yoga Nidra. Scott writes for and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine, Medium, Conscious Life News, Sivana East, and his own blog at Scott loves to travel to offer retreats, trainings, and workshops. Scott is currently living with his wife and son in Southern France.

Upon completion of this immersion you’ll receive:

  • A deeper understanding of Self through Yoga Nidra

  • A course full of profound relaxation

  • A full audio/video recording of the training to accomplish whenever you wish

  • Several Yoga Nidra scripts to use

  • An in-depth Yoga Nidra Training PDF workbook

  • A certificate of completion (upon completion)

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit (if needed). You’ll get 20 non-contact hours.

This training is the recording of a live Yoga Nidra training I taught. You’ll receive the audio and video recordings as well as a very helpful 23-page PDF manual that includes Yoga Nidra word scripts, hyperlinks to other resources, myths, chants, etc.

During your self-learning process, I’m honored to answer any questions you might have and can even arrange a personal consultation regarding your teaching or about how to make Yoga Nidra a viable part of your Yoga Community. Several students even email me their own scripts and recordings to receive feedback.

Thank you for your interest in this training. I loved putting it together and I hope you love it as much as I do.


Hey, I recently finished filming a beautiful new-and-improved version of this already incredible training. I’m in the editing process and organizing this training to be more comprehensive, more accessible, and frankly, more beautiful. For a limited time, if you buy my current Online Yoga Nidra training, you’ll get the new one for FREE once it’s done! Click here to get more information. The new training has:

  • In-depth videos about learning the philosophy of Yoga Nidra, what Yoga Nidra is pointing to so you know how to personalize your practices rather than repeating some rote version of Yoga Nidra. You’ll learn about:

    • What is Yoga Nidra: Waking from the dream into a truer reality?

    • Coming to know your True Self through Yoga Nidra

    • The True Self vs. The Ego

    • Coming to know your Both And Nature

    • Not identifying as your opinions

    • An in-depth study of the Koshas and how they guide us through our Yoga Nidra experience

    • Stages and states of consciousness.

  • Teaching videos that teach you all about the ins and outs of actually teaching a Yoga Nidra class including

    • A Yoga Nidra Roadmap that will guide your teaching

    • Your role as a teacher and creating a good learning environment

    • How Yoga Nidra can be used for profound healing

    • Using binaries, visualizations to get into a flow state

    • How Yoga Nidra releases oxytocin and serotonin into your brain.

    • Best teaching practices

    • How to make a Yoga Nidra successful class at your yoga studio

  • Chants, myths, stories, and mantras

  • A vast Yoga Nidra Audio Library

  • A 50+-page manual to help guide your learning

  • Several Yoga Nidra scripts that you can use to teach Yoga Nidra from day 1 and which serve as guides to help you build your own practices from your own voice.

  • PDFs that you can print out and give to your students that explain:

    • Pre-Nidra breathing techniques

    • Easy, pre-Nidra mindfulness practices

    • Chakra Charts

    • An easy to follow Yoga Nidra roadmap to guide your teaching

  • Helpful links to other interviews, podcasts, articles, blog posts, poems, etc.

  • A certificate of completion upon finishing the training

Money-back Guarantee

I offer a money-back guarantee. If this isn’t what you hoped it would be, I’ll return your money without questions.

Once you register and purchase this course, you’ll immediately receive a link to download all the materials. You could be starting your journey of Yoga Nidra teaching in minutes!

You will need to be able to access Dropbox.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is the relaxing and mystical journey deep into the inner-realms of consciousness where through a guided meditation, you get to experience your True Nature, something that feels one with all things, infinite, and whole. Such wholeness leads naturally to profound healing, boundless equanimity, and and understanding of your life, unparalleled by every-day thinking. Stress, trauma, and scarcity seem insignificant after you've experienced the part of you that is infinitely larger than any of these smaller experiences. Truly, through Yoga Nidra you see into the vastness of the Universe that is within you.

One of the things that differentiates Yoga Nidra from other forms of mindfulness is its emphasis on getting relaxed as the gateway to experiencing your True Nature, that of Awareness itself.

The effects of Yoga Nidra are as profound as they are relaxing. Through practicing awareness, you experience yourself, your REAL self, without boundaries, fears, or limitations. You open up to astounding and beautiful clarity about who you are. It opens you to feel at one with all things, increases your capacity for love, and helps you to be more compassionate. It shows you your gifts for the world, shows you your strength and power, and helps you feel as though someone has turned up all the colors of your life. Yoga Nidra is perhaps the most effective way I know to manage and eliminate trauma and stress.

Indeed, Yoga Nidra has been one of the most profound and spiritual practices I’ve ever encountered. And I’m not alone. Millions of people love this practice. One of the reasons why is because people often receive expansive insight, nurturing relaxation, and deep healing from just one session.

Personally, I discovered Yoga Nidra in 2004 and have had the privilege of learning this important practice from some of the worlds leading Yoga Nidra experts. I’ve spent the last 10 years mastering the art of teaching of Yoga Nidra and I’ve been privileged to work with literally 20s of thousands of students worldwide through live classes, recordings, workshops, webinars, lectures, and online courses.

The world desperately needs more Yoga Nidra and more qualified Yoga Nidra instructors. Practicing Yoga Nidra is easy but teaching it effectively can be complex. I’d love to share my knowledge of teaching Yoga Nidra with you.

Yoga Nidra Course: Sourcing Your True Power

Online Yoga Nidra Training

This is an online course designed for anyone interested in how Yoga Nidra can help them with their every-day life. It’s perfect for students and teachers alike and is a marvelous personal journey into the depths of your True Self.

This is not a teacher training program. Click here if you would like the Yoga Nidra teacher training program.

I've been practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra for the past decade and I built this Yoga Nidra course called Sourcing Your True Power because I believe it will change your life. The idea is that when you tap into your True Self, your Source, everything else in your life is derivative to that therefore everything in your life will become supercharged. I know of no better way of tapping in to your True Self than through Yoga Nidra.

If you've never done it, Yoga Nidra feels like a guided meditation. It's very relaxing and it will teach you more about yourself than any other practice I can think of. To me, it feels like the fast track to eliminating stress while also experiencing spiritual awakening. 

Yoga means to yoke all the different parts of yourself in order to experience a oneness with all beings. This might sound lofty but I'd argue that we've all experienced this already but we've just called it something different.

Nidra refers to a state of mind, like a daydream where you're in that liminal place between dreaming and waking consciousness. We access this experience of Oneness by getting very relaxed and paying attention. 

In this online Yoga Nidra course, you get a complete digital library with dozens of hours of audio recordings of Yoga Nidra practices, gentle yoga videos, articles, interviews, poetry, chants, discussions, and more--all focused on taking you through this soul journey of Yoga Nidra.

The Yoga Nidra Training Online Basic Information:

  • Certificate of completion

  • 6 content-rich learning modules to do on YOUR timetable

  • Dozens of hours of audio recording, discussions, chants, lectures, videos, podcasts, etc.

  • All the recordings are yours to keep, repeat as often as you like for continued growth

  • Connect to other students via social media groups

  • Go at your own pace, at a time that works for YOU

  • Money back guarantee

“I had started experiencing anxiety for the first time in my life four months ago, and it was intense to say the least. I stumbled into Scott’s Yoga Nidra course and immediately I felt nurtured. The kind of nurturing a disoriented anxious person craves. I am so happy I signed up for this course, I cannot tell you how significantly my life has changed from this newfound practice. I felt change even after the first time I gave this new practice a go, I felt inspired and supported. Since, I have used this meditation anytime I start to fall into a funk because it reminds me that I am strong and capable. This practice has also helped me slow down and feel grounded in the everyday bustle that once felt impossible to face. I trust myself more than ever. I am addicted! ”

— K. S.

One result of practicing Yoga Nidra is that it can help you understand what YOUR gifts are in this world and how to share them. Yoga Nidra is experiencing the TRUEST form of YOURSELF. Most poignantly, Yoga Nidra is about connecting to Source and therefore your ultimate power.

Some of the most profound experiences I've had have been the direct result of Yoga Nidra. I've learned more about myself, Yoga, and the beautifully complex Universe we all live in through Yoga Nidra, more than any other practice. I've spent almost a decade not only learning about this practice but mastering the art of teaching it. I've discovered several things along the way and I have created this course to offer some of the same insight to you as you make your own way through your journey of Self-discovery.

Benefits of this Yoga Nidra Course 

This practice is about connecting you to your Source. When you have such a connection, you can do anything. Through practicing Yoga Nidra with this course, you will:

  • Recognize and SOURCE YOUR POWER to accomplish anything

  • Recognize and eliminate self-limiting beliefs

  • Experience profound relaxation

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Heal from physical, emotional, or mental trauma

  • Grow spiritually as you understand yourself and your place in the Universe

  • Understand your innate gifts for this world and how to share them with the world

  • Connect with and become conscious of your deep inner-wisdom

  • Become mentally sharper and more focused

  • Become more tolerant and compassionate for those around you

  • Become more tolerated by those around you!

  • Become a better family member, better at your job, and better community member

  • and much more . . .

“Listening to Scott’s voice in the Yoga Nidra course is like laying on the beach and hearing the waves ebb and flow. In the buzz of today’s busy life, Yoga Nidra is like an island of calm. I feel so relaxed and centered afterwards. Of course, my rational mind also wants everything explained, and Scott does that too. He truly has a way with words that makes each concept clear and understandable. . . Scott’s Yoga Nidra course is a good way to de-stress and get energized for what lies ahead. I highly recommend it.”

— L.W.F.


  1. Beginnings

  2. Understanding Self and the Problems with Identification

  3. Moving Past the Rational Mind: Don't Think Everything You Believe

  4. Duality vs. Non-Duality: Ganesh Is My Homeboy

  5. Limiters

  6. "That's All Good But . . . " How to Apply Yoga Nidra to Your Daily Life

Here's how this course works:

When the course begins, you'll receive a password that gives you access to the 6 learning modules. Then, on your timetable, you may read, listen to, download, and watch this incredible, life-changing content. This is your rich library of source material to help you along your journey of Self-discovery.

At the heart of each module is a unique Yoga Nidra practice (20-30 minutes), specific to the topic and designed to help you evolve through a sequential learning about yourself.  You can either stream the recording from your computer or smartphone or download it to listen to later and create an audio library. If you're not very tech savvy, don't worry. Included is a simple tutorial about how to download the materials and play it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. through programs like iTunes and Dropbox.

Each module will also have a discussion about its topic. You can listen to and/or read the discussion. If the discussion and Yoga Nidra practice weren't enough, each module is also packed with supportive content, including yoga videos,  stories, myths, chants, breathing exercises, links, podcasts, videos, and several other additional resources.

One of the greatest benefits of this course is that there is no time limit to complete the modules!

You can always go back, skip around, stay on the same module for a while, it's up to you. All the materials are yours to keep. Each modules are designed to lead you deeper and deeper into the knowledge and practice of yourself through Yoga Nidra, however, you don't have to follow them sequentially. We'll be moving together as a group but you can take all the time you need or come back and review the material you really love.

Again, at the end of the course you'll have a rich library of materials that you'll want to reference for years to come.

What if I'm terrible at yoga?

No worries! Yoga Nidra can be done by ANYBODY. Plus, the movement style of yoga (asana) that we do before the guided Yoga Nidra will be gentle enough to accommodate for all kinds of ability levels, strengths, limitations, etc. Also, you can always skip the movement portion of the module. That's the benefit of this kind of learning environment! Literally anybody can do this! All you have to do is lie down, close your eyes, and relax. I'll lead you through the entire practice.

What if I get so relaxed, I fall asleep?

If you fall asleep, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Seriously, the part of you that is listening to Yoga Nidra is deeper than your conscious mind so the practice still works, even if you're asleep. It's nice to try to stay awake so that you can remember what we did but if you don't it still works! Plus, you have the recordings archived so you can re-listen to them whenever you want.

I'm so confident you'll love this that I offer a 100%, no-questions, money-back guarantee. 


Thank you! and Namaste.